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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Sep: Average price per sq feet $11554 1%   (last month:$11671)

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Put on sale renewal methods

Put on sale renewal process

in  Charge standard 
Check all required charges for renewal
Login and in member area
buy the Hse Money in pay zone
In member area choose --modify --,choose renewal property required and click renewal button


  • Put on sale have 3 months validity after renewal.
  • Renewal available 1 month before expire.
  • 10 days before the expire, our system will send email to remind you to renewalthe validity.
  • After the renewal, you have 10 days for changing all the material in the put on sale items except the property put on sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask:   Do I need to do anything if choose not to renewal?
Answer:   You can choose to set the put on sale into " Closed" or "Sold" avoiding other members see your phone data.
Ask:   Can I remove my own put on sale?
Answer:   Because of avoiding system safty problem,owner can not remove put on sale by themselves. If you have successfully put on sale or rent, you can set the property already sold or closed in member area. Your personal data will automatic hide avoiding for others seeing your personal data. But if you still want to remove your put on sale, please send us an email for manual processing and the handling Charge is HKD200.
Ask:   How can I stop the crank calls from many other property agents and auction shops except the real buyers and owners after put on sale and message leaving.
Answer:   First, we Never & Ever supply the member personal data to third party. But beside browsing from many HK buyers and owners, there are many property agents , auction shops and related property persons go to our website to look for customers. We can not avoid this. But if you really get too many crank calls, please change the put on sale content or messages to avoid different people contact you. If you want to put on sale without any personal contacts, you can leave the contact in blank and make interested buyers leave you messages then you can contact them optionally.