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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Feb: Average price per sq feet $11001 6.08%   (last month:$10370)
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[New Homes] [Big Change In Property Market] New House Completion Volume Is High. Four Districts Have The Most.

【New Homes】It is expected the rent will decline in the first quarter, while it may be stable in the second half year. The completion of new projects in last year had already reached more than 20,000 units, a...

[Land news] SHKP Won Pak Shek Kok Land By Near Upper Limit of HKD 6.3 billion.

【Land news】The sq ft price is more than 16% lower than expected six months ago, estimating to reflect the property price adjustment in recent months. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) SHKP (Sun Hu...

[New Homes] HKD 2.8 million in Down Town; The Cheapest in More Than One Year.

【New Homes】AVA 228 firstly launched 50 units in discounted average sq ft price of HKD 19,200. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) New projects competition rises in the beginning of the pig year. Tiny h...

[Trend] Eager to Change Asset into Capital; Both First Hand And Second Hand Properties Are in Cheap Sales.

【Trend】Foreign banks put on sale 11 units of residences; Developers sell commercial buildings with price cut. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Li Zhitian) The global economy is facing the risk of recession, a...

[Trend] Cheung Kong Predicted Property Prices to Fall Another 10% This Year. Cheung Kwok-hung: It Is Reasonable That Property Price Falling Back to Level Of Two Years Ago.

【Trend】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) Hong Kong property prices have fallen by nearly 10% from a high level in the past six months, being affected by the slowdown of global economic and the Sino-U...

[New Homes] 129 Sq Ft of Tiny Flat Becomes The Smallest New House In Downtown.

【New Homes】The first new project in pig year "AVA228" will announce prices this week at the soonest. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) There is tiny project to be the first being launched in the begi...

[Transactions] Heavy Tax of City One Popular Flat Is Over One Million Dollars.

【Transactions】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) On the first weekend after entering the Year of the Pig, the number of transactions recorded by the four leading real estate agents reduced by 40% to 60% c...

[Trend] Boom Market Is Only A Flash; CCL Fell Again.

【Trend】Visiting appointments on weekend increase. Agent predicted it comes into hot season. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Li Zhitian) Hong Kong second-hand property price had rebounded for two weeks before ...

[Trend] Buyers Rushing For Purchasing Promotes Stable Transaction In Ten Leading Projects.

【Trend】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Cen Jianle) Property boom market appeared near Lunar New Year, with CCL rising for two weeks. But the transaction on the past weekend (2nd and 3rd January, hereinafter, “th...

[Trend] Property Price Declines With Rising in 10% Was Offset; New Territories East Property Price Down the Most of Hong Kong in Above 3%.

【Trend】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) The pig year will coming soon, and in the past dog year, the property market eventually turned from rising to falling. The Centa City Leading Index (CCL) t...

[Trend] 262 Cases of Negative Asset; The First Time in Two Years.

【Trend】Rating and Valuation Department (RVD) Index has fallen for 5 months by 9.2% from the peak. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) The latest RVD index in last December had fallen for 5 months by 9...

[Land news] Kai-tak Commercial King Land Failed in Bidding; Five Fatal Flaws.

【Land news】There are insufficient supporting facilities and lack of passenger flow; It is worry of another failure as Cruise Terminals. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) Property market continues to fal...

[New Homes] Sale of Mayfair By The Sea 8 Slows Down; 31% or 37 Units Were Sold On One Day In Second Round; Three Rooms And Four Rooms Units Are Unsalable.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The sale is slow down even though new projects are being launched in low price, since citizens’ purchasing intention reduces at the end of the lunar year. May...

[Trend] Zhao Yu From Fortune REIT: Relet Rent Increase May Slow Down.

【Trend】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The Sino-us trade war drags down the global economy. Fortune REIT's revenue and property income net amount in last fiscal year was the highest in history, the...

[Trend] Ten Leading Projects Gain The Best Performance in More Than 40 Weeks; Second Hand Property Market Is Boom Before The Lunar New Year.

【Trend】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) Property market is still in downward; however, the transaction before the Lunar New Year is rising up, appearing a boom market. The transaction volumes of ten l...

[Land news] Private Property Construction Volume In Half Year Sharply Down Above 70%.

【Land news】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) Property market is in downward. The change of the first hand property construction and completion volume reveals the market trend. The private property completio...

[Commercial] China Enterprise Fade Out The Commercial Building Market In Central Plaza.

【Commercial】The ratio of newly rent from China enterprise falls last year after rising for six years to 29% from 49%. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) China enterprises lose interest on office building ...

[Land news] Land King Appears! Kai-tak’s Residential Land Site Firstly Sold Above HKD 10 billion.

【Land news】Sun Hung Kai won the land by HKD 11.26 billion with floor area sq ft land price of HKD 17.4 thousand which is the lower limit of prediction. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle, Li Zhitian) Tend...

[New Homes] Mayfair By The Sea had collected more than 1180 applications, exceeding above 4 times.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) New projects being launched in low price are popular , MAYFAIR BY THE SEA 8 in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po had collected more than 1,180 applications until it close...

[Trend] Salary of 21 Years Without any Expense Can Only Afford House.

【Trend】Hong Kong property price rises HKD 978,000 yearly, while family income only increase HKD 24,000 by year. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Ma Cuimei) Hong Kong general public still can hardly afford the...

[New Homes] 600 Units In The First Hand Property Market Were Sold In Two Days; The Best Performance In Ten Months.

【New Homes】3900 units are planed to be launched around the Spring Festival; It is expected lower property price policy will continue. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Cai Jingwen) The first hand property market i...

[Land news] Property Market Gets into Down Trend; Land Agents Cooperate to Grab Quality Land.

【Land news】Residential land in Kai Tak viewing Victoria Harbour received 6 tenders. 8 large land agents composed into two financial groups to compete. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) Quality la...

[New Homes] Downtown 38 And Paragon Totally Collected 6,586 Applications; MAYFAIR by the sea 8 Plans To Additional Launched Property And May Start Sales Before Next Weekend.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) New projects being launched in low price is warming up the market, and three new projects including totally 759 units will be put on sale in weekend. Among th...

[New Homes] Nan Fung: Three Projects Including About 869 Units Will Be Launched This Year.

【New Homes】The property price is expected to be stable. LP6 has no intention to reduce the price. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) Nan Fung Group, which achieved more than HKD 20 billion in property...

[Trend] Nearly Half Of 19 Thousand First Hand Property Units Are Unsalable.

【Trend】Property stock is more and more; New projects will be put on sale at low price in the short term. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) Nearly half of new launched unit in last year are unsa...

[New Homes] MAYFAIR by the sea 8 Launches in Price 20% Lower Than Market Level.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The first hand property competition is getting more fierce in January. Sino’s MAYFAIR by the sea 8 in Pak Shek Kok of Tai Po launched the first batch of 108 u...

[New Homes] First Hand Property Market Competition Expands; Confrontation Between Two Projects in Tai Po; MAYFAIR by the sea 8 Rush On Pricing And Will Start The Sales Next Week.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po [By Yan Lunle,Yin Kaoling, Cheng Wancun(Trainee journalist) ] The first hand property market is booming again. MAYFAIR by the sea 8 in Tai Po developed by Sino involving 528 u...

[Trend] Li Ka-shing: Property Market in This Year Is Fluctuant.

【Trend】Global economy is in low growth; The difficulties have not been seen for many years. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The world economy is so complicated this year, and the difficulties th...

[New Homes] Initial Deposit of about HKD 3.6 million for The Peak Luxury House in Price of HKD 720 Million Is Forfeited Only 10 Days After Preliminary Sale and Purchase Agreement.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) The super-luxury mansion on The Peak has always belonged to the wealthy people in the city since the sq ft price is up to HKD 80 or 100 thousand, but forfe...

[New Homes] Fierce Competitions! Downtown 38 Will Announce Pricing Soon.

【New Homes】THE CARMEL collected nearly 50 applications on the first day and the Paragon has collected 6247 cases. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) Developers are rushing to launch projects before the...

[New Homes] The Sq Ft Price of New Project In Tuen Mun Falls Under HKD 10 thousand Lower 30% Than Price In Same District.

【New Homes】THE CARMEL firstly launched 50 units with open style among in lowest price of HKD 3.43 million. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) First hand property market broke out fierce competition bef...

[New Homes] Fierce Competition! 4 New Projects Including More Than 2000 Units Will Be Launched.

【New Homes】Applications for The Paragon were 11 times of the quota. Pricing of The Carmel is published today at the soonest. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Ngan Lun Lok, Leong Yuet Kam) At the beginning of the...

[New Homes] 27.3 Thousand Units of First Hand Property Will Be Supplied In 2019

【New Homes】More than five thousand units will located in focal district Tuen Mun ; Above 70% among will be developed by Henderson Land and Evergrande . Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) The property...

[Trend] Second Hand Property Prices Stop Falling; New Territories West Takes the Lead in Rebounding.

【Trend】Centaline Property: The downward trend has not changed. It will drop 8.3% in the middle of the year. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Li Zhitian) New project Grand Central in Kwun Tong becoming the focu...

[New Homes] Pricing of New Project Is 20% Lower Than Second Hand Property Price; Sq Ft Price Is Around Ten Thousands.

【New Homes】The first batch of the Paragon in Tai Po are 324 units, with the lowest price in HKD 4.388 million. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin) At the beginning of the new year, the property market...

[New Homes] Only 1.7% ! Centaline Protests Against Low Commission on Sales of GRAND CENTRAL! No Feedback From Sino Yet.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Ngan Lun Lok, Leong Yuet Kam) The real estate agents are outraged! Major estate agents who had made great contribution in GRAND CENTRAL’s hot sales of more than 1,300 unit...

[New Homes] The Paragon Being The First New Project of 2019 Will Announce Price Within This Week At The Soonest.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Li Zhitian, Liang Yueqin) At the beginning of the new year, China Overseas's The Paragon in Taipu of Kulen Mountain took the lead to be the first new project. The Paragon w...

[New Homes] Sol City Additional Launches 72 Units by Original Price.

【New Homes】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) Developers are very careful about pricing because property market continued to fall. Sol City in Yuen Long additional launched price list No.4 yesterday, involvi...

[Land news] Land Supply for Private Residence Is Lack; Gap Is Up to 4100 Units.

【Land news】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) Insufficient land development caused the lack of land supply for private residence. Yesterday, the Development Bureau announced the land sales plan in the ...

[Land news] Price of Kai Tak Residential Site Fell 13% in One Month.

【Land news】China Overseas Holdings Limited (COHL) won the bidding by more than HKD 8 billion, with sq ft price in HKD 13,500, which was back to the level of two years ago. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan L...