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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Dec: Average price per sq feet $11205 5.66%   (last month:$11877)
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[New Homes] Azure East Coast adds 4% higher price per foot

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The new crown pneumonia epidemic is severe, but developers continue to push real estate. On the Blue East Coast of Yau Tong, Minmetals Real Estate announce...

Benmu sold 33 units in the second round of sales on Friday


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The epidemic is getting worse and worse, and the government has tightened its anti-epidemic arrangements again, but developers continue to push real estate...

[Trend] Close to 340 units sold in two days


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The fourth wave of the epidemic is fierce, but developers are still actively pushing real estate. In the past Saturday and Sunday, there were many new prop...

[New Homes] Policy address boosts confidence, new disks sell well

【New Homes】

Boao Village II sold 275 units of Azure East Coast Benmu yesterday, overbuying by more than 10 times

Although the new policy address did not reduce the risk of residential properties, the fo...

[Land news] Tomorrow Lantau continues to explore innovative financing options

【Land news】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The "Lantau Tomorrow" with a budget of more than 620 billion HKD has aroused controversy. The government's latest decision to withdraw the...

[Land news] [Policy Address Prospects: Home Purchase] Focusing on expanding land and increasing supply, we also hope to help get on the bus

【Land news】

The industry advocates relaxing the guarantee and lowering the stress test

The Chief Executive will announce a new policy address tomorrow. In addition to land supply, the focus of the housi...

[New Homes] Boyaozhuang II third round 396 units sold in one day

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Zhou Xiaojing) The fourth wave of the epidemic hit Hong Kong, and it is still difficult to discourage citizens' enthusiasm for home ownership. First-hand sales ar...

[New Homes] Kowloon New Disk Fight Ben Muping Second-hand 15%, average price per square foot 23,900, 256 square feet, 5.74 million

【New Homes】

The Kowloon area has set off a battle for new real estate, and the economic performance has been hit hard by the epidemic, which has caused developers to restrain their prices. Benmu, 2 Tak Shing S...

[Transactions] Second-hand bamboo plate is popular in Silver Lake. Tianfeng 23,35 Wangu


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Li Zitian) There have been many cases of second-hand property price reductions, attracting a large number of buyers to "sell shoots". On the eve of the anno...

[Land news] Peak Wenhui Road bid for the highest value of 10.6 billion

【Land news】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lun Le) The government has previously "divided up two" on the top of the Wenhui Road, and announced that it will first tender for residential land Nos. ...

[New Homes] Juyu Express bids for the sale of bungalows and houses

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Poly Real Estate’s Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Yu Yu uploaded a sales brochure yesterday. Zhu Meiyi, Director of Sales and Marketing Department of Poly Rea...

[New Homes] Kaisa's port gun Pan Xianya launches next month

【New Homes】

Sales of new properties are booming, and developers are scrambling to attack. Kaisa and Hongda Holdings cooperated in Hong Kong’s first new building project named Xianya at No. 203 Yikku Street, Ch...

[New Homes] New home hottest Jiafenghui will sell 220 units on Saturday

【New Homes】

Developers are scrambling to release new real estate. K. Wah International's Kai Tak Kingsford Exchange yesterday launched 103 units, with a discounted average price of RMB 24,833 per square fo...

[New Homes] Imperial • Xingtao Pavilia Village II on sale at 466 units on weekend

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) New buildings continue to flourish, and developers are actively pushing units to market. The Imperial Group of Hong Kong Ferry Co., Ltd. cooperated in t...

[New Homes] Bo Aozhuang II received more than 10,000 votes

【New Homes】

Lots of new real estates have appeared on the scene, and the ticket response is still satisfactory. The first batch of 337 units at The Pavilia Chuang II in Tai Wai Station, Shatin, New World partn...

[New Homes] Opened the "red plate" in one hand, and drove nearly 300 groups of famous Japanese emperors. Xingtao raises prices, Hairiwan II increases discounts

【New Homes】

After the "red real estate" was opened, the Tai Wai Station, which was jointly developed by New World and MTR, announced yesterday that it will sell 337 units this Saturday (7th). Other d...

[New Homes] Later students enter the imperial city. Xingtao sells 222 units on the first day

【New Homes】

New real estate continues to sell well. The Emperor Qingshan Bay, Tuen Mun, jointly developed by Hong Kong Ferry and Empire Group. Xingtao conducted the first round of sales of 248 units yesterday....

[Trend] The epidemic hits property prices


Affected by the third wave of the local epidemic in July, some second-hand property owners sold properties at a big price in the third quarter, resulting in a drop in property prices, and also caus...

[New Homes] CENTRAL PEAK, Mid-Levels East to bid for sale

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reported that the wave of new real estate sales has caught the wave. In addition to large-scale new real estate rushing for customers, luxury real estate is also unwilling to s...

[New Homes] Mingri·Jiudushan sold 98 units on Saturday compared to the same district

【New Homes】

Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po reported that the offensive of new real estate sales continues. Recently, the overall property market atmosphere has improved. The first-hand market is very lively. This ...

[New Homes] 378 units for sale at Boao Village I during the Chongyang Festival holiday

【New Homes】

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has stabilized, coupled with the frenzy of the first-hand property market, major developers are vying to speed up the launch of new properties. At least 478 unit...

[New Homes] Bo Aozhuang added 378 units of 6.93 million admissions

【New Homes】

14% more expensive than the actual average discount of the first price list. Jiudushan quick volley

New World partner MTR cooperation with Sha Tin Tai Wai Station Pavilia Village I received ...

[New Homes] Boao Village I sold 391 units in two days

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yin Kaoling) The first round of the two-day first-round sale of the Tai Wai station superstructure project Bo Aozhuang I, which arbitrarily collected 22,700 votes, en...

[New Homes] Bo Aozhuang received more than 22,700 votes 57 times the excess

【New Homes】

Under the epidemic situation, the new real estate has reappeared crazy, and the ticket collection reaction has been very hot in the past few days. The new world partner MTR cooperation Tai Wai Stat...

[New Homes] Boyaozhuang received 15,000 votes to be the king

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The battle for new real estate has spread to Hong Kong Island, just as the New World partnered with MTR to cooperate with the Tai Wai Station Pavilia Zh...

[New Homes] Boao Zhuang I increased the price to sell 391 units over the weekend

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (reporter Liang Yueqin) Langka struck Hong Kong under the typhoon signal No. 8, which received more than 10,000 votes in the past few days. The new world partner MTR cooperatio...

[New Homes] The voice of prospective buyers

【New Homes】

Give up the first entry ticket for the show unit

Mr. Liao: I wanted to see the show flat before I bought it, but seeing so many people in line, it would take 8 hours to wait in line. "I...

[Land news] 【Government. Land] Accelerate the reconstruction of old areas and the transformation of agricultural land.

【Land news】

The Chief Executive will announce a new "policy address" next week, housing is still the most pressing issue related to people's livelihood. In an exclusive interview with Hong Kong W...

[New Homes] Boaozhuang I offer prices within the fastest week

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) New World teamed up with MTR Cooperative Tai Wai Station to open prices within the fastest week, collect tickets simultaneously, and open the demonstrat...

[New Homes] SEA TO SKY sold 285 units of luxury homes in 8 sets at the weekend. Tiancheng published the book this week

【New Homes】

The market for new real estate is booming, and developers are actively pushing for real estate to attract money. There will be 340 first-hand units for sale this weekend. A new batch of 285 units w...

[New Homes] Boaozhuang opens price and collects tickets within one week

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) New World partnered with MTR at the Tai Wai Station in Sha Tin, Gabriel Aozhuang I took the lead in the fourth quarter. Wong Ho-yin, Director of Sales a...

[Trend] Epidemic slows down and sees building growth, holiday second-hand transactions ideal


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong is showing signs of easing, and citizens have re-attended downstairs. According to the statistics of Midland ...

[Land news] Land sharing zero application for additional land supply has no impact

【Land news】

"Eight options" entered the industry for 2 years, advocating the establishment of an inter-departmental team

The new year's "policy address" will be announced on the ...

[New Homes] The land price of Cannes is at a new high in 9 months, 27% more expensive. The 13th period is 3,600 yuan per square foot, with a total land premium of 5.568 billion

【New Homes】

The MTR Tseung Kwan O Phase 13 of Lohas Park officially launched a tender yesterday. The news stated that the project’s land premium was 5.568 billion yuan. Based on the total buildable floor area ...

[Land news] Epidemic City Sells Peak and Central Two Kings

【Land news】

Government: There is a bottom line, there is a reserve price to ensure that it will not sell cheap

Affected by the repeated COVID-19 pandemic and the Sino-U.S. rivalry, the business atmosphe...

[Land news] Zhonghuan Commercial Land's valuation drops 60%, tender or postponed

【Land news】

The epidemic has repeatedly dragged down the economy and the business environment continues to be weak

Hong Kong was affected by a series of violent demonstrations last year, and this year...

[New Homes] 6 sets of battles 726 units in this market

【New Homes】

The new crown pneumonia epidemic eased. Today (26th), 6 new properties launched a total of 726 units to grab customers, which was the most prosperous one day in the past year. Among them, 4 new pr...

[Land news] Cannes' 13 Intentions have the most 35 calendar periods

【Land news】

With the gradual easing of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong, the MTR Tseung Kwan O Lohas Park Phase 13 residential project closed yesterday afternoon. A total of 35 letters of intent ...

[New Homes] 5 Over 700 units of SEA TO SKY will be launched on the weekend of the new market, 285 units will be up to 192 units in WSP Phase III

【New Homes】

The epidemic eased, and at least 5 new properties were launched this Saturday for a total of 720 units. The project is distributed in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. The largest scale is t...

[Commercial] Tsimshatsui East shops eclipse 90% in 7 years


Although the government has relaxed restrictions on gatherings, consumers are still cautious in spending, the retail market remains weak, shopping malls have become the hardest hit area, and the l...