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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Sep: Average price per sq feet $11554 1%   (last month:$11671)
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[Commercial] Tsimshatsui East shops eclipse 90% in 7 years


Although the government has relaxed restrictions on gatherings, consumers are still cautious in spending, the retail market remains weak, shopping malls have become the hardest hit area, and the l...

[New Homes] WSP Phase III Yilifang • No. 2 Qijia push

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The new crown pneumonia epidemic has eased, and developers are actively promoting the sale of new properties. The two new properties that were launched fo...

[Commercial] 3 commercial buildings changed to 2 shopping malls increased by 90%, Xindi high-speed rail Diwang wave becomes diamond


In November last year, SHKP won the bid for the commercial land king of the West Kowloon High Speed Rail Station at a record price of 42.232 billion yuan, a record-breaking official land price. Th...

[New Homes] Epidemic eases, two new disks shake on Saturday

【New Homes】

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is gradually easing, and groups of properties are dancing. Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Park in Tin Shui Wai and Yilifang 2 of the Xiying real estate will be launche...

[New Homes] Wetland Phase 3 receives more than 2100 tickets, the fastest weekend sale

【New Homes】

The epidemic has eased, and groups of real estate projects are rushing to launch. After adding 45 units in Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Park in Tin Shui Wai the day before, SHKP plans to launch addi...

[Trend] Top ten housing estates sold 14 cases in two days


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Zhou Xiaojing) The second-hand buyers who are eager to see "Samsung Real Estate" actively inspected properties on Saturdays and Sundays, and the amount of ...

[New Homes] Wetland 3 receives 500 votes on the first day

【New Homes】

The epidemic eased, the government relaxed the gathering order to 4 people, and the pace of new real estate launches was accelerated. SHKP announced on Tuesday that it launched the first price lis...

[Land news] Hang Lung wins the US Consulate's Shoushan Village house at a price of 2.56 billion yuan

【Land news】

The price per square foot is 54,100 square feet, nearly 40%

At a sensitive moment when Sino-U.S. relations continued to be tense, the US consulate had previously tendered for the sale of t...

[New Homes] Yau Tong Blue East Coast will be launched at the end of next month, with the smallest area of 230 square feet. Pricing refers to Kai Tak Building in the same district

【New Homes】

As the epidemic eased, new real estate rushed to deploy an attack. Minmetals Land’s first residential project in Hong Kong, No. 18 Chongxin Street, Yau Tong, has been named Azure East Coast. Fang ...

[New Homes] SHKP WSP is 14% more expensive for four months as the epidemic slows down. Phase 3 discounted at 12,900,316 square feet, 4.13 million admission

【New Homes】

The local new crown pneumonia epidemic has eased, and the government has gradually relaxed the gathering restrictions. Developers have accelerated the pace of launching real estate, and the prices...

[Transactions] The price surges and the king loosing 6.82 million sold


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporters Liang Yueqin, Li Zitian) The epidemic in Hong Kong has eased, but the economic environment is poor. Some owners may due to capital turnover problems. A second-hand ...

The number of mortgages this year is the least in four years


COVID-19 hits home buyers, second-hand mortgages shrink by more than 22%

Affected by hidden worries such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Sino-US relations and social events, the atmos...

[Commercial] Long-term owners buy Jordan shop with low market value of 20%


Price per square foot is 27,200 yuan, 37% reduction in rent

The government has relaxed restrictions on the number of non-residential mortgages, which has stimulated the recent transactions...

[Trend] Chung Bank: Nearly 80% of investors continue to buy Hong Kong Building


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Li Zitian) The raging new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused investors to take a wait-and-see attitude towards uncertain market conditions. Jones Lang LaSalle issue...

[New Homes] The epidemic slows down 3 new disks are planned to attack this month

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The epidemic has eased. In September, at least three new properties were deployed, a total of 726 units were deployed. Among them, the official website...

[Trend] Epidemic has repeatedly fallen or expanded in property prices


Two consecutive rises and disconnections of the bad estimate index fell nearly 0.5% in July

Under the third wave of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the rebounding property market is back...

[Commercial] The rise of data center rents expected to rise 10% in 3 years


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Li Zitian) With the popularization of the Internet of Things, 5G networks, and cloud computing applications, the demand for data centers has become more and more int...

[Commercial] Financial Newsletter: Midland appeals to widen the mortgage rate of commercial and industrial shops to reduce spicy tax


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Li Zitian) The government earlier relaxed the mortgage of non-residential properties, which caused a slight rebound in industrial and commercial stores. Midland Indu...

[New Homes] Royal Bay pushes the price of the last 23 units plus 7.8% per square foot

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The epidemic has eased slightly, and the sales of new properties have picked up, and developers are scrambling to increase prices. SHKP's Tuen Mun ...

[New Homes] Emperor. Golden Bay sells 76 units on Saturday with an individual price increase of 17%

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (reporter Liang Yueqin) The Empire Group cooperates with Hong Kong Ferry Co., Ltd. of Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Emperor. The first three rounds of sales of Golden Bay were hot....

[Auction] Huangdu Theater Building was approved to bid for a record-breaking reserve price of 4.776 billion


The new world will be rebuilt to explore conservation plans

New World Development applied for a compulsory auction order for the Royal Theater Building in North Point in 2018. The Lands Tr...

[Trend] The second-hand property inspection volume of Xindantaiwang rebounded


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yin Kaoling) In the past weekend, stimulated by the launch of new real estate, the second-hand sales on weekends and Sundays (August 22 to 23) maintained double-digi...

[New Homes] 【Information】Emperor. Jinwanming sells another 168 units

【New Homes】

Empire Group cooperates with Hong Kong Ferry to develop Emperor Qingshan Bay, Tuen Mun. Jinwan closed the ticket today, and the third round of 168 units will be sold tomorrow. Lin Damin, general m...

[Commercial] Spicy relief to save the property market


The non-residential mortgage ratio has been relaxed from 40% to 50%

Under the impact of the epidemic, the prices of industrial and commercial stores and other properties have fallen sharpl...

[New Homes] New disk starts again with 3 sets and 256 units on Saturday

【New Homes】

Emperor. Golden Bay is expensive 11.9% Evergrande. Ruifeng increase rebate

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has eased slightly, and the new real estate market will restart this Saturday. G...

[Trend] Central Plains' top ten housing estates recorded 20 transactions in two days


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Zhuang Chengmin) The new crown pneumonia epidemic is showing signs of easing, coupled with the lack of new real estate for sale, stimulating the recovery of second-h...

[New Homes] Emperor. Golden Bay receives more than 10,000 votes to add 62 units within a day

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (reporter Liang Yueqin) The Empire Group cooperates with Hong Kong Ferry Co., Ltd. of Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Emperor. Golden Bay plans to increase prices and increase units ...

[New Homes] Seacoast Royale promotes 123 units more, the price increases 2%,

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Leung Yueqin) New buildings on the train in Tuen Mun are on hot sale, and developers are actively increasing prices and pushing. Empire Group cooperated with Hong Ko...

[New Homes] Yuhaiwan launched 53 units on Friday, the most flat was 4.6 million

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Two new buildings in Tuen Mun have been launched in turn. Following the cooperation between Empire Group and Hong Kong Ferry, Tuen Mun Qingshan Bay Emp...

[New Homes] The new plate sells the sentiment Jin Emperor Yu. Jinwan sells 185 units in the second round

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is severe, but it has not affected the sales of new properties. Yesterday the Hong Kong Ferry and the Empire Group coo...

[New Homes] Yuhaiwan's original price adds 38 units

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (reporter Liang Yueqin) Tuen Mun’s new real estate has once again burst into a rush to grab customers, just as the Imperial Group and Hong Kong Ferry are cooperating with Empe...

[New Homes] Seacoast Royale collects 9500 tickets, overbuys 50 times

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The Imperial Group cooperates with Hong Kong Ferry, Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Emperor. Golden Bay will start the second round of sales of 185 units this...

[New Homes] Seacoast Royale sells 185 units on Sunday

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Last Saturday 1st, the first round of 185 units was sold, and the Empire Group cooperated with Hong Kong Ferry to cooperate with Tuen Mun Qingshan Bay ...

[Trend] Friends of the property market surged by 33%


Citi Survey: Those who agree with home buying opportunities see highs in nearly 9 years

Citibank’s second quarter home purchase survey showed that the proportion of citizens who are optimi...

[New Homes] Emperor. Jinwan raises prices by 2%

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (reporter Li Zitian) The Qingshan Bay project in Tuen Mun, which is jointly developed by Hong Kong Ferry and Empire Group, and Henderson is responsible for sales. Golden Bay s...

[New Homes] No fear of fighting the epidemic, selling 209 units in new markets in two days

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Zhou Xiaojing) Hong Kong has recorded more than 100 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia for 12 consecutive days. However, the epidemic and the No. 3 typhoon si...

[New Homes] Potential new market of 92,000 units, new low in more than 4 years

【New Homes】

Epidemic hinders land expansion and construction this year

The new crown pneumonia is raging, economic activities in Hong Kong have almost come to a halt, and the suspension of government ...

[New Homes] Two new markets in Tuen Mun have over-received votes

【New Homes】

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged as market expectations, and the low interest rate environment continued. Two new Tuen Mun development...

[Commercial] D2 Place once again cut rents in the epidemic


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) As the epidemic continues to be severe, the government has taken the most stringent measures to control the flow of people. From yesterday, dine-in was ba...

[Commercial] [Fighting against the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia to survive] Rent reduction and subsidies for conscientious owners to rescue restaurants


Tightening of gathering restrictions, a major blow to all-day banning

In response to the severe new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong, the government tomorrow (Wednesday) will further ...