28Hse.com is a real-estate platform that established in 2005 and found by Mr. K.C. Leung. Our core values are increasing the market transparency and maintaining the sustainability of real-estate industry by providing latest property market information to its visitors.

Through its premium service and rapid growth in website and application traffic, 28Hse.com has earned market recognition and customer loyalty. 28Hse.com is one of the largest real-estate information platforms which assisting buyers and tenants in finding their preferred properties, expanding client portfolios for real-estate agents as well as providing effective advertising platform for developers.

28hse.com acquired Squarefoot.com.hk from REA Group in 2021 and further expanding its market share in high-end residential market.

28Hse.com is based in Cheung Sha Wan, and all of our team members are come from Hong Kong. Our website and application are personalized to fulfill peoples’ needs and provide the best user experience.