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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Sep: Average price per sq feet $11568 0.88%   (last month:$11671)

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Quicktake property


Visits of common property put on sale on Hong Kong Property Web can up to 1,000/month.
Of course, more buyers visit = more buyers bid = success possibility highly rise / higher sale price
All "quicktake property" fixed place on home page of 28Hse.com and attract more visitors which commonly above 5,000 and 10,000.
Please refer to "quicktake property" place location

Estate Agency notice: Quicktake property can not be promoting as current on sale new property. Quicktake property must be actually property by owners.

Required price

Residence / Commercial Building
A) Price is HKD700 in 17 days.
Please refer to ourpayment method

registration process

1. Registration for the member
2. First published general put on sale property (200Hsemoney)
3. Go to member area to buy and recharge hse money(700 Hsemoney)
4. Set your put on sale property into quicktake property in member area
5. Quicktake property set inmediate effect until 17 days later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask:   I am owner. Can I release quicktake property?
Answer:   Quicktake property design is for owner and agent. Whether you are owner or agent, you can set the property into quicktake property. And quicktake property release fee for owner or agent are the same. This can ensure the exposure rate for each quicktake property.
Ask:   I am agent. Is there any discount for agent to release quicktake property?
Answer:   Quicktake property release fee is Unified.