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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Sep: Average price per sq feet $11554 1%   (last month:$11671)

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Payment Method  / Recharge hse money method

Bank transfer

After confirm the required recharge amount, you can use ATM or bank transfer to this cmpany :
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Account number: 01288910872374
Account number: 541397774838
HSB(Hang Seng Bank)
(Hang Seng Bank):
Account number: 228-360681-883
After the transfer, please fax the receipt with your email written on it to: 852-51659760 (whatsapp) 852-30208775 / 39094625 (fax) or email to general@28hse.com
Generally handled in a few hours. After recharge to the account, we will send mail to inform you.

Credit Card Payment

Please input your credit card information inside our 28Hse page. All of the input credit card information will be encrypt delivered to Paypal directly for handling and checking. Our website will not store or handle all of your information.

Payment process:
member login and into
member area " recharge hse money"
fill in the hse money amount you want.
(refer to charging standard)
Choose to use online credit card payment
Below are the pictures of the payment process: