Jinhuan launches 160 units with zero transaction on the same day
Wenwei  2022-09-21  New Properties 

On the eve of the Fed's announcement of the results of its interest rate meeting, new sales continued to be deserted. Road King partnered with Ping An Real Estate and MTR to jointly develop the first phase of Jinhuan on the south bank of Hong Kong Island at Huangzhuhang Station. When the first phase of Jinhuan was put on sale last year, the property price of more than 10 million yuan was still snapped up, and the first two rounds of sales were sold out on the same day. After a year, the project will be completed as an existing building. The developer arranged to sell 139 units on a first-come, first-served basis yesterday at 3 pm, with an average price per square foot of RMB 35,804. Among them, a 3.75% discount has been added for open-plan units. The discounted entry price was 8.86 million yuan, but unfortunately it failed to impress the buyers. On the same day, 21 units were launched for tender, and in the end, the project could only be "eat ginkgo" yesterday. ◆Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

The sales office of the project is located on the 7th floor of One Island South, Wong Chuk Hang. The sale started at 3:00 pm yesterday. The reporter from Hong Kong Wen Wei Po saw that there was no crowd in the underground lobby, which is quite different from the market scene when the first day of sale last year. Even outside the sales office on the 7th floor, there were no prospective buyers queuing up to select a flat, and only real estate agents were seen coming and going. Yesterday, 139 units were sold in the form of price lists, including a total of 80 units in the No. 6 price list announced last week. The units range from studios to four-bedroom units, with a discounted price ranging from RMB 8.869 million to RMB 50.977 million, and a discounted square foot price of RMB 30,167 to RMB 42,743.

Relatively speaking, the response of new projects in the New Territories was more enthusiastic. SHKP's Wetland Seasons Bay Phase 3 in Tin Shui Wai will start its first round of sales of 80 units tomorrow, and will close at 12 noon today. Hu Zhiyuan, acting general manager of SHKP, said that as of last night, the auction had accumulated more than 1,600 votes, an over-registration of 19 times.

WSB 3rd phase has received more than 1600 tickets and is now on sale

Xie Wenjuan, managing director of SHKP Club, said that members of SHKP Club can get a 1% discount on the property price when they purchase the unit. At the same time, SHKP members who submit their purchase intention registration before October 9 will have the opportunity to receive 100 Point Dollars, with a quota of 500.

Hu Zhiyuan also pointed out that the second phase of Wetland Seasons Bay in the same series recorded 3 villa transactions, with a total cash value of 42,205,800 yuan. There are 6 villas left in the project for sale.

Bellevue has accumulated more than 2,100 votes

ONE INNOVALE - Bellevue in Fanling North, a subsidiary of Henderson Land, has announced the first 3 price lists for a total of 193 units. Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency Sales (1) Department, said that as of 8 o'clock last night, the sale had accumulated more than 2,100 votes, which is more than 3 The price list for a total of 193 units is about 10 times over, and the company is actively preparing for the sale as soon as possible. The sale will be held at Lobby-B, G/F, Green Code Plaza, Yifeng Plaza, from now until the 22nd of this month.(In front of MCL Fanling Cinema), the first stop of the road show will be held. Building models, AR experience panels and brochures will be set up on site to introduce the features and supporting facilities of the project.

Fangfei sold 4 units for 7.089 million yuan on Saturday

Ho Man Tin Fong Fei, a subsidiary of Hip Shing Hong Development, launched 4 units this Saturday, namely Unit B on the 8th, 9th and 12th floors, and Unit C on the 8th floor. Among them, 3 units B are 286 square feet in area, one-bedroom units, the price list price ranges from 8.34 million to 8.673 million yuan, and the price per square foot ranges from 29,161 to 30,325 yuan. Calculate the developer to provide a discount of up to 15%. The actual price is 7.089 million to 7.372 million yuan, and the discounted price per square foot is 24,787 yuan to 25,776 yuan. On the 8th floor, Room C has an area of 414 square feet and a two-bedroom unit, priced at 11.773 million yuan, or about 274.37 million yuan per square foot.

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