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The Graces • Providence Bay

The Graces • Providence Bay The Graces‧Providence Bay, located in No.9,Fo Chun rd, Tai Po developed by Sino,Nam Phong and Wing Tai Properties. The project provide 193 units include 8 villas. The residential units major in 3 rooms and 4 rooms units, and 70% of the project are 4 rooms units. There also set 3 sky houses.

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The Graces • Providence Bay
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【28Hse news】Developer launched first price list at average sq ft price of HKD 14,832.
Developer announced prices for the first 50 apartments yesterday at average sq ft price of HKD 14,832, and it is HKD 13,942 after 6% discount for cash payment (6% privilege for Sino Club member, while non Sino Club member enjoys 2% for discount). Room A in 7th floor of building 3 of which the usable area is 2,251 sq ft, has the peak sq ft price at HKD 21,008 and costs HKD 47.29 million, while it is HKD 44.4526 million for cash payment for which the privilege is purchasing carport preferentially; The floor sq ft price HKD 10,945 is from room D in 3rd floor of building 7 of which the usable area is 994 sq ft with sale price at HKD 10.879 million and HKD 102.2626 million for cash payment, according to the price list.
The Graces • Providence Bay File
Address No.9,Fo Chun rd
Developer Sino Group
Open Price HKD $14832 / sq feet
First entry date estimated on 31st, March, 2013
Area and floorplan The residential units major in 3 rooms and 4 rooms units, and 70% of the project are 4 rooms units. The cover area above from 1,800 sq ft. There also provide 8 villas in about 4,000 sq ft
Floor height Recidential units: 3.125 meters (about 10 feet 3 inches) to 3.375 meters (about 11 feet 1 inch); 1st floor of villas: 4.5 meters (about 14 feet 8 inches), 2nd floor: 3.5 meters (about 11 feet five inches), 3rd floor: 2.9 meters to 3.5 meters (about 9 feet
Management fee The Graces - Providence Bay Property Management Company Limited
for residence per square feet about $2.95 / month; for villas per square feet about $3.95 / month, for private packing about $350 / month, motorcycles packing about $70 / month
Total units 193 units (185 residential units and 8 villas)
Car park number 237 packings; including 152 parkings for residents, 52 packings for non-industrial car packing, 1 disability parking for residents, 1 disability parking for non-industrial use, 16 electric bicycle parking places for for residents, 6 electric bicycle parkings for non-industrial use, 1 upload and download packing place for residents and 3 packings for non-industrial upload and download trucks.
Number of blocks 9 residential buildings and 8 single houses, residential buildings from building 1 to building 10 without building 4; Single houses from No.1 to No.9 without No.4.
Max. floor Residential building have 10 floors, from 1st-10th floor without 4th floor; House including three layers for reside and 1 layer for garage (underground to 3rd/f)
Club house Indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, leisure private room, activity room, library, changing room, steam bath room, children's play room and garden
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