Ya Tao Court price is 15166 yuan per square foot

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The market expects that Hong Kong's property prices will peak in the short term, stimulating many buyers to enter the market, and the hot sale of first-hand properties will drive the secondary market. At the end of last month, a new batch of "White House II" buyers were approved for "Certificate of Eligibility to Purchase". The transaction of HOS estates increased sharply, and some housing estates even recorded high prices. In the past weekend plus the long Dragon Boat Festival holiday, subsidized housing has repeatedly recorded transactions, which drove second-hand market transactions. Many real estate agents recorded double-digit transactions during the period. reporter Yin Kaoling

Yesterday, market news revealed that the high-level room E of Tower 3, Aberdeen Court, Aberdeen, with an area of 422 square feet and a 2-room interval, changed hands for 6.4 million yuan (without land premium), and the price per square foot was RMB 15,166. In the case of high housing prices, the buyers are a new batch of "white homes".

According to statistics, the most expensive HOS flats in Hong Kong with no premium per square foot are also from Artoo Court. They belong to a high-rise 3-bedroom unit with a price of $15,191 per square foot. The difference between the two is only 0.2%.

33% appreciation in 3 years

According to the district agent, the price per square foot this time is the second highest unit in Hong Kong without land premium. It was purchased by the original owner for 4.8 million yuan in 2018. After holding the goods for 3 years, the "SSD" was released and sold immediately, and the book made a profit. 1.6 million yuan, an appreciation of 33%. When the unit was first purchased, a large sum of money was invested in refurbishing the unit, and the unit is expected to have a sea view on the yacht, which attracted users to receive goods at high prices.

Lam Tin 5 cases on the 2nd Baiju 2

There are also many cases of Baiju Er in other regions. Century 21 Liancheng Xie Baozhao said that Lam Tin recorded about 5 "White House 2" transaction cases on the two days last weekend, of which 3 similar transactions were recorded in Hong Yat Court, all of which were two-bedroom households with an area of about 506 square feet, including Block D. The 8 high-rise rooms were sold at an unpaid price of 5.5 million yuan, with a price of about 10,870 yuan per square foot. The other two "Bai Ju 2" transactions came from public housing estates in Tak Tin Village, including the low-rise 13 units of De Lok Building, with an area of 443 square feet and two-bedroom separation. The transaction price was 2.8 million yuan and the price per square foot was 6,321 yuan.

Wei Shiliang, manager of the Tseung Kwan O branch of Century 21 Property, said that Room 02, Po Pak House, Po Ming Court, Tseung Kwan O Home Ownership, with an area of 433 square feet, was put on the market in October last year. The foreign buyer of "Bai Ju Er" paid 3.9 million yuan (the market price of Ju Er), and the price was 9,007 yuan per square foot.

In addition, Tin Chung Court in Tin Shui Wai also recorded a transaction in the second residential market. Huang Zhaowen, senior regional manager of Cheung Yi Real Estate, said that the transaction unit was a 6-room high-rise building M, with an area of 426 square feet, one bedroom and one living room. The buyer was a new owner in the area. For the winner of the “Baiju Er”, the transaction price was 3.59 million yuan, and the price was 8,427 yuan per square foot, which was a market price.

Buyers of "White House II" entered the market to drive transactions in the second-hand market. Hong Kong Home Property Weekend (12-13) recorded 20 transactions, up about 25% from last weekend's 16 transactions, and also set a 10-week high. Taking into account the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, there were 22 transactions recorded during the 3-day long weekend. Hong Kong Real Estate’s Chief Operating Officer and Kowloon District Director Ma Taiyang pointed out that buyers of "White House Two" enteredWith the booming sales of new properties in the city and Tai Wai, as well as large transactions in the luxury housing market, it is expected that as the epidemic situation in Hong Kong stabilizes, the market is looking forward to the return of customs clearance between the two places and attracting water from the north. It is estimated that the property market will be heated.

Agent for weekend second-hand transactions Pusheng

Midland recorded 22 transactions during the weekend, up by about 10% on a weekly basis, maintaining a double-digit level for the 17th consecutive weekend, and 25 transactions after taking into account the 3 days of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the residential department of Midland Realty, said that the housing market is full of atmosphere and second-hand property viewing activities are becoming more active. Prospective buyers are not hesitating to chase the market at high prices.

Centaline Property recorded 20 transactions during the weekend, a slight increase of 5.3% on a weekly basis. It was also a double-digit transaction with steady double-digit transactions for 17 consecutive weekends, with high transaction volume. Together with the 3-day long weekend of the Dragon Boat Festival, a total of 23 transactions were recorded.

Rica Court recorded 19 second-hand transactions during the weekend, down 1% on a week-to-week basis. Taking into account the 3-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a total of 26 transactions were recorded.

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