On the eve of adding P in Hong Kong, the third phase of WSB is on sale today
Wenwei  2022-09-22  New Properties 

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) On the eve of the addition of P in Hong Kong, the two major new projects in the New Territories continued to attack. The first round of 80 units of Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Bay in Tin Shui Wai, a subsidiary of SHKP, closed yesterday. The developer said that after auditing, a total of 1,870 votes were received, of which 94 votes were purchased by agents, which was over-registered by more than 22 times. This batch of units opened this afternoon. sale. ONE INNOVALE-Bellevue in Fanling North, a subsidiary of Henderson Land, plans to launch at least 60 more units within a few days. The sales schedule will be announced within a few days, and the first round of units will be sold as soon as next week.

Phase 3 of Wetland Seasons Bay launched the first round of 80 units today. The units range from one to three bedrooms. After deducting the maximum 13.5% discount, the discounted price ranges from RMB 4.968 million to RMB 8.845 million, and the discounted price per square foot is RMB 13,008 to RMB 17,081.

Bellevue expects first round of sales next week

On the other side, Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency Sales (1) Department, said that ONE INNOVALE-Bellevue has accumulated about 2,400 votes as of last night, with a total of 193 people in the first three price lists, an over-registration of more than 11 times. The project plans to add at least 60 units on the No. 4 price list within a few days, and there is room for price increase. The sales arrangement will be uploaded within the fastest day, and the first round of sales will start next week. The first round of sales is expected to exceed 200 units, including the underground and garden characteristic households. .

ONE INNOVALE - The first 3 price lists of Bellevue offer 193 units, ranging from 221 to 462 square feet, covering studios to three-bedrooms. After deducting the maximum 7% discount, the discounted price is 3,068,000 to 6,932,200 yuan, and the average price per square foot is discounted. 14,565 yuan, a cumulative increase of 2.5%.

Man Ming Shantui bungalows for external bidding

In addition, Tuen Mun Man Ming Shan, a subsidiary of Kerry Properties, launched a bungalow tender on Sunday (25th), which is Ming Ting Bungalow H5, with an area of 2,861 square feet, a roof of 1,128 square feet and a garden of 2,106 square feet.

In terms of new property transactions, Kai Tak MIAMI QUAY I, a partnership between Wheelock Properties, Henderson Land, New World and Empire Group, sold Room K on the 16th floor of Block 3 yesterday, with an area of 329 square feet and a one-bedroom unit at a transaction price of RMB 8.395 million. , the price per square foot is 25,517 yuan.

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