Haori's first batch of materials will be available soon on Saturday
2021-11-25( Thu )
New Properties

The sales deployment of Hang Lung Kowloon Bay Haori is in full swing. The developer showed to the media yesterday that there are 4 models of its model units, which are 50% of the two-bedroom units (usable area of 508 square feet) and three-bedroom units (770 square feet). , Each has 1 continuous decoration and 1 unaltered display position for viewing. Development exhibitors revealed that the project will be open to the public to visit demonstration units from this Saturday, and prices will be offered in a short period of time depending on the visit. It is expected that the first batch will involve no less than 60 units. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Yan Lunle

Hang Lung's brand new disk "Haori", which was launched again after 6 years, has made new progress yesterday. The developer opened 4 demonstration units to the media for visits, and announced that this Saturday will be open for public viewing. Depending on the situation of the visit, prices will be offered in a short period of time. It is expected that the first batch will involve no less than 60 units. Peng Songxin, senior manager of the property sales department of Hang Lung Real Estate, said that the roadshow of the project was held at Amoy Plaza last Saturday, and more than 8,000 visitors were recorded. So far, about 2,000 people have registered to visit and show their places this Saturday.

In terms of pricing, she said that there has been no supply of new disks in the region for many years, and the second-hand market in the same region is not comparable, so it will refer to the new disks in East Kowloon. As for the 4 display positions that will be open this Saturday and Sunday, they are Unit A on the 28th floor with a saleable area of 770 square feet. They are a three-bedroom, one-bedroom, working room (and toilet) model unit with and without alteration, and a saleable area of 508 square meters. There are also modified and unmodified show flats for the 28-foot flat C on the 28th floor.

Extra large eco-friendly terrace "three in one"

Peng Songxin continued that Haori’s exterior wall is designed with a glass curtain wall, and the façade adopts simple and powerful lines to show the beauty of modern architecture. In particular, the project uses a three-in-one large environmentally-friendly terrace, which integrates the terrace, work platform and air-conditioner platform to make the use of indoor space more flexible. The height of the bottom of the standard floor is 3.15 meters, and the height of the bottom of the 36th to 37th floors is between 3.5 and 4 meters.

Haori is adjacent to the Debao Garden in Kowloon Bay. It has a single-building design and a 30-storey building. It provides 294 units and 10 standard units on 1 floor. Standard units range from one-bedroom to three-bedrooms, and their saleable area ranges from 320 square feet to 771 square feet. One-bedroom and two-bedroom units account for about 80% of the standard units. There are also 6 featured units with platform, ranging in size from 289 square feet to 898 square feet.

KENNEDY's 38th round sells close

SHKP, Wheelock and Henderson jointly developed Kennedy Town’s new development KENNEDY 38 for 40 units starting at 7 o’clock last night, with the lowest discounted price starting at 7,874,100 yuan. It is reported that as of 9:20 pm, 36 units have been selected, accounting for 90% of the sales volume.