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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Apr: Average price per sq feet $11842 1.7%   (last month:$11644)
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[Commercial] News and articles ...

【Commercial】 Source pointed the monthly rent in K11 ARTUS is up to HKD 320,000; The peak in Kowloon.

【Commercial】Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (By Yan Lunle) In addition to shopping malls, office buildings and hotels, New World Centre Remodeling in Tsim Sha Tsui developed by New World also has serviced apartment...

【Commercial】 China Enterprise Fade Out The Commercial Building Market In Central Plaza.

【Commercial】The ratio of newly rent from China enterprise falls last year after rising for six years to 29% from 49%. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle) China enterprises lose interest on office building ...

【Commercial】 Tang Wenliang Explodes the Truth of HKD 760 million Selling Whole Layer in The Center “My sister doesn't want the dentist being forced to move.”

【Commercial】As a senior investor, one of the best known deals of the year by Tang Wenliang, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GALE WELL GROUP, must be the sales of whole layer in The Center. He was int...

【Commercial】 Lead 23 billion sell 17 mall valuation 52%


Quijixi Capital consortium purchase completed in February next year

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Leung Yue Qin, Su Hongqiang) As early as this year plans to large-scale sale of its shopp...

【Commercial】 [Interview] Wang Wang Wang shop - fishing over the border silver hair family


The "second generation" often gives the impression of "parenting". After 80, Stan's chairman of STAN GROUP strove to break through himself and hoped to achieve greater succ...

【Commercial】 Wait and see activation policy to push the owners of industrial and commercial increase hope incentives


Pig skulls lack of supporting worry about the cost-effective low transformation

Although the industry in Hong Kong is modest, the utilization rate of industrial buildings is still high. Th...

【Commercial】 Central Central 40 billion easy to master


Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese buyers

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Liang Yueqin, Su Hongqiang) spread more than a year of the Central Center astronomical transa...

【Commercial】 Cheung Kong deny breaking bulk The Center, agnet stop to sell


Hong Kong Wen Wei reported (Reporter Su Hongqiang, Liang Yueqin) earlier reported that more than 40 billion HKD to reach the end of the price of the Central Center, recently rumors of rumors. Yest...

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