LP 10 began to occupy residents' clubhouse exposure
Wenwei  2022-11-17  New Properties 

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) When the Blue Tunnel and the Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Link will be opened next month, Cannes Sunrise LP 10, which is jointly developed by MTR and Nan Fung Group, was also approved to transfer the agreement last month, and it is now in the works. Occupation, and plan to deploy a new round of sales in due course.

Mai Yiqing, director and vice chairman of the sales department of Nan Fung Development, said that since the launch of LP 10 in early 2021, a total of 791 units have been sold, accounting for about 89% of the residential units in the entire phase. The project was approved for the transfer agreement last month, and is now being occupied one after another, and plans to deploy a new round of sales in due course. LP 10 consists of two buildings, providing a total of 893 residential units, including 831 two-bedroom to four-bedroom standard units and 62 specialty units, with salable areas ranging from 447 to 3,906 square feet.

He continued that the clubhouse CLUB 10 of the project, together with the green space, covers an area of nearly 60,000 sq. Leisure pool and more. LP 10 takes "Eco-Rich" as an environmental protection building concept and introduces a number of green building facilities to promote environmental protection and healthy living. The 1.8-kilometer-long Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Link is the first environmental-friendly concept bridge in Hong Kong that has driving roads, cycle paths and pedestrian paths. It will be opened simultaneously with the Tseung Kwan O-Lam Tin Tunnel on December 11 this year. The transportation and community facilities in the city will be more perfect, and it will be more convenient for residents to travel between various districts in Hong Kong, and the investment potential of the project will continue to rise.

BJF·Yinghuilu exceeded the limit by more than 10 times

In addition, the first round of 23 units of Hung Hom Bijiafang·Yinghui, a subsidiary of Henderson Land, will go on sale tomorrow night. Lin Damin, general manager of the agent business (1) department of Henderson Land, said that the project has received about 270 votes as of last night, an over-registration of 10.7 times. The same series of Fanling North ONE INNOVALE─Cabanna launched the second round of sales tonight with 113 units. Lin Damin pointed out that in addition to the main one-bedroom units with cloakrooms, there are also a small number of two-bedroom units with cloakrooms and three-bedroom units with storage rooms, which are practical. The area ranges from 436 to 683 square feet, and the lowest discounted price per square foot for a three-bedroom unit with storage room is as low as 13,648 yuan per square foot. It is believed that it can satisfy prospective buyer families with children or planning to have children.

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