Owen's Legend was taken over by Robinham
Wenwei  2022-11-16  New Properties 

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Ho Man Tin Ao Wen, who has gone through many twists and turns before joining the occupation, has another twists and turns. The sale of the property restarted last week, and 31 units of standard tiered households will be launched this week in the form of daily bidding. floor until further notice. According to the first-hand residential property sales information website, the sales arrangement of 31 strata households originally scheduled for auction has been terminated yesterday. In response to the query, the developer of Aowen Gold Co., Ltd. stated that it did not respond to the above market news. It is reported that due to the dispute involved in the incident, the developer has handed it over to the legal team.

Jinfeng declined to respond to market news

Owen was originally privately held by Pan Sutong, the former chairman of Goldin Finance. At the end of August last year, the developer was revoked by the then Transport and Housing Bureau for its pre-sale permit because it failed to prove that it could cope with project overruns. In August this year, the project applied to the Lands Department for a pre-sale agreement, but the original owner Pan Sutong was ordered bankrupt by the High Court on July 8 this year and his company was liquidated. As for Aowen's seller, Jinyu Company, its directors also changed in March this year. The latest directors include Ke Qinghui and others, which means that Ke Qinghui has become the white warrior of the project.

Jinfeng Company stated at the time that Aowen has been held by Jinfeng all along. It has now been completed and is applying for a certificate of satisfaction. The company will consider different sales strategies according to market conditions, including selling in the form of existing buildings or uncompleted properties. Afterwards, Owen was re-approved for the Certificate of Satisfaction in September. The developer stated at that time that it would arrange to issue a notice of taking over the property to the buyer within 30 days, and the occupancy date of the project has been postponed by 22 months.

Owen suddenly announced last week that it will launch 31 standard strata flats in the form of daily bidding starting this week, covering two-bedroom to three-bedroom units with an area of 918 to 939 square feet, but it has not been accepted. A total of 401 units were offered in this project, of which 28 transactions were originally recorded, and 9 fell through later. So far, only about 19 units have been sold, accounting for about 5% of the total.

Archway expects to repossess building before Christmas

On the other hand, the construction progress of ONE INNOVALE in Fanling North is satisfactory. Lin Damin, the general manager of Henderson Property Agency Sales (1), said yesterday that the decoration work of Block A and Block B of ONE INNOVALE-Archway is almost completed, and buyers are confident that they can buy it before Christmas. Successfully closed the building. As for ONE INNOVALE-Cabanna, 113 units will be sold in the second round tomorrow night.

In addition, Lin Damin also said that the first round of 23 units of Hung Hom Bijiafang Yinghui will be launched this Friday. As of last night, about 260 votes have been collected, which is about 10.3 times oversubscribed.

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