Henderson launched a series of 2 sets this week
Wenwei  2022-11-15  New Properties 

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Henderson Land launched a series of new properties for sale this week. Among them, Bi Jia Fang · Yinghui in Hung Hom, which has been on the market for nearly two weeks, finally confirmed the first round of 23 units for sale this Friday this Friday. Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency Sales (1), said that the 23 units have an area of 222 to 514 square feet, including open plan to three-room partitions, with a discounted price of 4.588 million to 11.255 million yuan, and a discounted average price per square foot of 20,984 yuan. Tickets for this sale will close at 3:00 pm this Friday. There is a group A of big hands, with a maximum of 4 units, and a group B with a maximum of 2 units. As of 8:00 last night, the project has received more than 250 votes, nearly 10 times oversubscribed.

Cabanna sells welcome on Thursday followed by

He also pointed out that among the 57 units in Fanling North ONE INNOVALE-Cabanna’s No. 3 price list that was added the day before yesterday, 6 units can subscribe for the right to a parking space. This Thursday, the second round of sales of the property is 113 units, including 8 open-plan units, 93 one-bedroom units with cloakrooms, 6 two-bedroom units with cloakrooms, and 6 three-bedroom units with storage rooms.

In addition, as SHKP's University Hill, Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, is about to upload the sales brochure and asking price, Silicon Hill Phase 1, which is the same model in the same district and was sold earlier, opened a brand new demonstration unit for the media to visit. Room B1 is the model, with an area of 770 square feet, three bedrooms and a worker's suite. Hu Zhiyuan, general manager of SHKP, revealed earlier that about 98% of the units in Silicon Hill Phase 1 have been sold, and that unlaunched three-bedroom units and specialty units will be sold.

In terms of first-hand transactions, Kai Tak Wing King, jointly developed by China Resources Land (Overseas) and Poly Real Estate, first launched 118 units of two-bedroom to four-bedroom units for bidding yesterday. According to the first-hand transaction records, 6 units were sold on the first day, all of which were located at No. 6 Block, with an area of 784 to 948 square feet, the transaction price is 23.755 million to 33.336 million yuan, the price per square foot is 30,300 to 35,165 yuan, and the cash out exceeds 166 million yuan. As for the unit A on the 8th floor of Tower 1 sold by Chinachem in Xu Wo Road University Court, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Island by tender yesterday, the area is 1,584 square feet, the transaction price is 73 million yuan, and the square foot price is 46,086 yuan.

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