Buildings Department inspects Park Long I site
Wenwei  2022-11-12  New Properties 

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporters Lai Tsz Tin and Leung Yuet Kin) MTR Kam Sheung Road Station Pak Long I was recently accused of failing to follow the construction plans. The Buildings Department said that it had not received any relevant notice from the developer before receiving media enquiries. Officers came to the scene to inspect and understand the situation, and quoted the structural engineer of Perron as saying that there was no report because it did not pose an immediate danger.

The developer reiterated yesterday that it attaches great importance to the quality of the project and implements the existing rigorous quality management system. The overall project progress and the safety and quality of the building structure will not be affected.

The current regulatory system is effective

The BD stated that according to the "Code of Practice for Site Supervision", if registered building professionals, registered contractors and their competent technicians discover any defects during the construction period, they must initiate relevant procedures and rectify them according to the established mechanism. If it will pose an immediate danger , must report to the Building Authority of the Department.

The department said that the registered structural engineer involved believed that the incident would not pose an immediate danger, so he did not report it to the Buildings Department. The department also said that the registered structural engineer detected the error in the works and carried out correction works afterwards, which showed that the existing regulatory and supervisory system was effective.

A consortium of three developers, Macro Key Co., Ltd., said yesterday that the project site is currently in the basement construction stage. During the earlier routine inspection by the supervisory team, they found discrepancies between the installation process of some of the steel bars on the column body and the approval drawings, and immediately requested the main contractor to conduct a comprehensive inspection and follow-up, including making amendments at relevant locations to ensure compliance with all relevant ordinances. The scheme has been agreed and confirmed by a registered structural engineer; the amendment works are in progress. During the construction period, the team has taken protective measures against dust and noise. Macro Key Co., Ltd. reiterates that the overall project progress and the safety and quality of the building structure will not be affected.

No need to demolish existing buildings

Bailong I is jointly developed by Xinzhi, K. Wah International and China Overseas. The contractor is China Overseas Housing Engineering. The site has just completed the foundation work, but it was revealed that some pillars and steel bars were installed incorrectly.

The developer responded that during the routine inspection in mid-October, it was found that some of the column reinforcement lashing procedures were different from the approved plans. The main contractor was immediately instructed to conduct a comprehensive inspection and correction to ensure that all structures meet the requirements of the relevant regulations. The amendments do not involve demolition of any existing buildings.

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