The first round of Kaibo Peak received 13 times more tickets
Wenwei  2022-07-02  New Properties 

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) Yesterday was the anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. When the tropical cyclone "Siamba" hit Hong Kong, prospective buyers were still dispatched to inspect and buy properties without fear of wind and rain. Xinzhi partnered with K. Wah, China Merchants Land and the MTR to jointly develop Kwan O LOHAS Park Cape Peak I, Tseung Kwan O, after the first round of 238 units was sold the day before, and the second round of 128 units was added later. The showroom is open for prospective buyers to visit, and people line up outside the door from time to time. Tian Zhaoyuan, executive director of Sino Land, said that the first round of Kaibaifeng received more than 1,800 votes on the first day yesterday, 13 times over-registered, and there is an opportunity to launch more units in the short term.

The first round of Kaibaifeng launched 128 units, including one- to three-bedroom units, with an area of 335 to 721 square feet. After deducting the maximum 16% discount, the discounted price was 6.672 million to 12.785 million yuan, and the average price per square foot was 18,808 yuan. , a slight price increase of 0.5%, mainly reflecting factors such as floor and landscape.

Jiayue collects tickets and registers in full

On the other hand, Carrianna and Hongda Holdings cooperated to develop, and Changsha Wan Jiayue, which was looking for customers with a discounted admission of 3.5 million yuan, continued to collect tickets yesterday. There were also many prospective buyers before the typhoon signal No. 3 was hoisted. Come to visit the demonstration units, mainly young families. According to the news, 52 votes were collected in the first two days, and the first batch of 50 people registered in full.

Jiayue launched the first batch of 50 units, covering open-plan to one-bedroom units, with an area of 199 to 289 square feet, providing 36 open-plan units and 14 units of one-bedroom units. After deducting a maximum 6% discount, the net price is 3.459 million to 5.873 million yuan , the discounted average price per square foot is 19,493 yuan.

Single-digit sales of new properties in Hong Kong

In terms of new property transactions, 4 first-hand properties were sold in Hong Kong yesterday. Among them, Shatin Fotan Xingkai Dike, a subsidiary of Central Continental Properties, sold the characteristic three-bedroom unit of Unit A on the 5th floor of Block 5 by tender, with an area of 633 square feet and a terrace of 299 square feet, which was sold for 12.086 million yuan, or 19,093 yuan per square foot.

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