The first phase of Baker Circle will sell in next week
Wenwei  2022-06-08  New Properties 

Start a new round of melee. The 999-year leasehold, Hung Hom redevelopment project Bijiafang developed by Henderson Land, the first phase of the first phase (Baker Circle One) is named Baker Circle·Dover, involving 324 units, with units consisting of about 200 Starting from square feet, upload the property description and asking price as soon as this week, and have the opportunity to put it on sale next week. In addition, Feiyang, the first phase of the Xiaoxiu Village project in Tuen Mun jointly developed by Cheung Kong and SHKP, also announced the latest deployment.

Xihui involves 324 units with the smallest size of 200 feet

Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson's Agency Sales (1) Department, said that the entire Bijiafang project involved about 2,800 units and was launched in three phases. The first phase accounted for the first to third buildings, involving about 1,000 units. Among them, the first building is the first phase of the first phase, officially named Bijiafang·Xihui, providing about 324 units. Xihui will go upstairs, open demonstration units and offer prices as soon as this week, and it will be on sale as soon as next week.

Lin Damin added that the 324 units of Xihui include open plan, 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom with storage room, 2-bedroom and characteristic units, with an area of about 200 square feet to 570 square feet. Among them, 84 units are open, 194 units are 1-bedroom and 1-bedroom with storage room, 42 units are 2-bedroom, and there are 4 top-floor characteristic households, and the top-floor characteristic households are all 3-room partitions.

Feiyang will announce the building book as soon as this week

On the other hand, the first phase of Grand Jeté, the Siu Sau Village project in Tuen Mun jointly developed by Cheung Kong and SHKP, also has the latest deployment. Yang Guiling, senior sales manager of Cheung Kong Industrial, pointed out that the project will announce the floor plan as soon as this week. It is planned to open a total of 5 demonstration units from 1 to 3 bedrooms, which will be put on sale as soon as this month.

Yang Guiling pointed out that Feiyang is composed of 4 buildings, and the unit floor reaches 3.15 meters. Among them, the first phase consists of 2 properties, featuring 1-bedroom units, accounting for 240 units, with an area of 263 to 284 square feet, all with open kitchens. The 2-bedroom units are divided into open kitchen and kitchen design. There are 20 units and 100 units respectively, with an area of 462 to 483 square feet, and most of them are designed with exposed toilets. As for the 3-bedroom unit with storage room, it involves 40 units, with an area of 712 to 722 square feet. There are also 10 underground units with gardens and 20 top-floor units with rooftops in the project.

Silicon Hill's second round of sales on Saturday

As for the Phase 1 of Silicon Hill in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, SHKP, the acting general manager of SHKP, Mr. Hu Zhiyuan, said that the second round of sales of the project will begin on Saturday, with a total of 198 units in the price list including the tender, and the ticket will be closed on Thursday. Among them, 190 units are priced from 3.798 million to 11.34 million yuan, and the discounted price per square foot is 16,427 to 20,354 yuan, with an area of 217 to 770 square feet, and the apartment types range from open-plan to 3-bedroom. Among them, the admission unit is Room A5 on the 2nd floor of Block 5, with an area of 217 square feet, and the discounted price is 3798,000 yuan, or 17,502 yuan per square foot. As for the 8 tender units, including the top floor and underground garden characteristic households, etc.

New orders continued to record transactions. Southwest Kowloon Victoria Harbour II, jointly developed by Sino, Wheelock Properties, K. Wah and Java, recorded 3 consecutive transactions yesterday, including Room D in the middle floor of Block 3A, with an area of 790 square feet, which was sold for 20.798 million yuan, or 26,327 square feet. Yuan. The other two cases are the same in the middle floor of Block 3A, Room D, with an area of 790 square feet.

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