First-hand transactions expected to soften this month
2022-01-11( Tue )

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Liang Yueqin) The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is severe again, the first-hand transaction is frozen, and the developer's plan to launch the project is also affected. Bu Shaoming, CEO of Midland Realty's Residential Department, estimates that if MONACO MARINE in Kai Tak can be put on sale this month, the first-hand transaction volume is expected to reach 1,000; This is an 18% decrease from about 858 cases recorded in December last year. He believes that if the epidemic situation in Hong Kong is under control after the Lunar New Year, developers will re-launch the market, and purchasing power will enter the market again.

MONACO MARINE wait or redeploy

In the past, in January, there were new dishes rushing to eat soup for sale, and Xiaoyangchun appeared earlier. However, the new properties originally launched in January this year have to be re-deployed due to the severe sudden change of the epidemic. Among them, Wheelock Properties only last week stated that it plans to upload the sales brochure of Kai Tak MONACO MARINE as soon as possible, and plans to launch it in January, in response to government updates As for epidemic prevention measures, Wheelock Properties said that it will closely monitor the development of the epidemic and make an assessment, and then announce the sales plan of MONACO MARINE. Henderson Land and the URA cooperated with Yingzhu in Changsha Bay and Xinzhi in cooperation with the URA. The ONE CENTRAL PLACE in Central was originally planned to be the first to eat soup this year, but now they have to decide their sales plans depending on the changes in the epidemic situation.

According to market sources, about 260 first-hand deals were sold on the first 10 days of this month, all of which came from late-stock deals. Among them, SHKP’s subsidiary, Long Po Hill, Shatin’s Duo Shek Street, sold the 22nd floor Unit B of Crown Tower through tender yesterday, with a usable area of 942 square feet, a three-bedroom suite with storage room, and sold for 19.145 million yuan, or 20,324 yuan per square foot. Unit D on the 25th floor of Block 02 was sold in Phase 3 of Victoria Harbour, Cheungsha Bay, Southwest Kowloon, which Sinotrust and Wheelock cooperated with, with a usable area of 311 square feet and a one-room partition. The transaction price was 9.365 million yuan, and the price per square foot was 30,113 yuan, a record Phase 3 of the project has the second highest price per square foot of standard one-bedroom units.

Bu Shaoming believes that the impact of the current wave of the epidemic on property prices will not be greater than that of the first to fourth waves. It is expected that even if there is a major outbreak, the property price will only fall by 0.5% to 1%, and will not fall by 3% as in the first wave. as big.

Henderson Land has been in possession for about a year. Jun Yufeng, North Point, sold Room A on the 28th floor through bidding. It has a usable area of 418 square feet with a terrace of 184 square feet and a roof of 508 square feet. , the transaction price hit a new high for the project, and the buyer adopted the 180-day payment period.

Tsuen Wan Industrial Building W212 put on sale 6 end

Some developers have retweeted non-residential projects. According to market sources, W212, a new industrial building project in Tsuen Wan, which has been completed by SHKP, has recently launched 6 low-rise slack units. It is reported that the relevant units have a floor area of 548 to 795 square feet and are priced from 4.676 million to 6.83 million yuan and 8,380 to 9,286 yuan per square foot. The developer provides stamp duty rebates and mortgage concessions.