Top 10 housing estates who are willing to reduce prices
2022-01-10( Mon )
It has an area of 388 square feet and a one-bedroom partition. The asking price is about 7.5 million yuan. After negotiation, it changed hands at 7.3 million yuan. It is understood that this transaction is about 6% lower than the market price. The original owner purchased the unit for 7.557 million yuan in 2018, and the book loss on this sale was about 257,000 yuan.

Huang Minjie of Lijia Court Real Estate said that the high-rise B room of Block 5 of OASIS KAI TAK, with a usable area of about 534 square feet and two rooms separated, was recently sold for 13.1 million yuan, and the usable square foot price was about 24,532 yuan. The original owner purchased it for about 13.028 million yuan in 2017. Taking into account various miscellaneous expenses, the actual loss is expected to be about 600,000 yuan or nearly 5%.

About 14 transactions were recorded over the weekend

The benchmark housing estate is no exception. Flat A on the lower floor of Block 4, Phase 1, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom, with a usable area of 777 square feet. Yuan Xian’an of Centaline Real Estate said that the original owner asked for 12 million yuan last month, and finally reduced 1.4 million yuan or about 12%. The unit changed hands for RMB 10.6 million, and the actual square foot was RMB 13,642, which was a low price transaction. The original owner bought the unit for 4.25 million yuan in 2009, and made a book profit of 6.35 million yuan after holding the goods for 12 years.

In addition, based on market information, only about 14 transactions were recorded in the primary market over the past weekend, and only 3 transactions were recorded on Sunday.

Weekend transaction volume of ten housing estates

Weekly change in correspondent bank trading volume

10 cases of Centaline Properties ↑400%

11 Midland properties ↑83.3%

8 cases of Rica Court real estate ↑60%

7 property purchases in Hong Kong ↑ 75%