"Compasses" unimpeded buyers enter the market, 28.08 million in luxury mansion on Xiangdao changed hands
2021-10-14( Thu )

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Li Zitian) The property market in Hong Kong continues to recover. Even if the typhoon "Compasses" hits Hong Kong, it will not hinder the desire of luxury home buyers to enter the market. Under Typhoon Signal No. 8, Shau Kei Wan Island and Mei Foo Sun Chuen recorded second-hand transactions.

Midland Realty She Jinhua said that the bank recorded a 1,175 real-sq-foot household on Shau Kei Wan Xiangdao that received a price of 28.08 million yuan from customers in the same district for taking up a parking space. The transaction unit is 2 high-rise B rooms, with a saleable area of approximately 1,175 square feet, 4 bedrooms with two suites, and a saleable unit price of approximately RMB 23,898 per square foot, with a parking space. It is reported that the original owner purchased the above-mentioned property for approximately RMB 27.81 million in October 2016. The resale booked a slight profit.

Apartment·Biba 2 bedrooms per square foot, 18880 yuan

In the Kowloon area, Centaline Property Cheng Zhicong said that a Sham Shui Po apartment transaction was recorded under Typhoon Signal No. 8. The unit was a high-rise C room with a saleable area of 433 square feet and a 2-room partition. Ten thousand yuan to undertake, equivalent to 18,880 yuan per square foot. The original owner bought the unit for 6.5 million yuan in August 2015, and now sells it at a book profit of 1.675 million yuan, and the unit has appreciated by 26%.

Mei Foo 3 bedrooms sell for 9.5 million and reduce the price by 300,000

Hong Kong Real Estate Chen Yudong said that before the hoisting of Typhoon Signal No. 8 in Mei Foo New Village, a garden-view three-bedroom apartment transaction was recorded. Local customers entered the market for about 9.5 million yuan, and the net price per square foot was about 14,137 yuan, which was a market price transaction. The unit is Room A on the lower floor of No. 24 Lan Sau Road, Phase 5, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, with 3 bedrooms and a useful area of approximately 672 square feet. Three months after the unit was put on the market for 9.8 million yuan, it was contacted by customers in the area, and the price was reduced to about 9.5 million yuan after negotiation.

The original owner purchased the above unit in June 2012 for about 5.838 million yuan. This time, the resale made a book of about 3.662 million yuan, and the property appreciated by more than 60%.

In the primary market, Yang Congyong, marketing planning director of Zhongzhou Real Estate, said that due to the influence of Typhoon Signal No. 8, the Xingkai Embankment sales office was temporarily closed yesterday. He also pointed out that although the project was affected by Typhoon Signal No. 8 twice during the ticket collection period, the response to the ticket collection was enthusiastic, reflecting the popularity of properties along the railway.