Before the policy address, the market price of Fotan disk was posted to open the Xingkai‧ Embankment per square foot to see 18,800 square meters.
Wenwei  2021-10-06  New Properties 

On the eve of the announcement of the new policy address, the new market in Fotan opened at a discounted market price. Fotan Xingkai, a subsidiary of Zhongzhou Real Estate, yesterday announced its first price list for 268 units, with a discounted average price of RMB 18,888 per square foot. Compared with the first batch of New World’s Tai Wai Station Pavilia Zhuang III in May this year, the discounted average price per square foot was RMB 19,999. There is a discount of 5.5%, which is close to the second-hand price per square foot in the same district. In addition, the Lohas Park LP10 developed by Nan Fung Group and MTR launched an additional 101 units yesterday, with a discounted price of RMB 17,211 to RMB 20,855 per square foot. The fifth round of 183 units will be on sale this Saturday. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Xingkai Embankment is the first new development of Zhongzhou Real Estate in Hong Kong, and the uncompleted project period is about 18 months. Chen Zhixing, Chief Executive Officer of Zhongzhou Real Estate, described yesterday that the first quotation was "Shenzhong Exciting Price" because the project was close to Fotan Station, "6 stops to Shenzhen", and "7 stops to Admiralty Station" after the opening of the Shazhong Line next year. Yang Congyong, director of marketing planning of Zhongzhou Real Estate, said that the project price is very discounted, with a discount of 5% to 10% compared to the new market in Shatian District. Both physical and online ticketing will be used, and the sale will be launched as soon as next week.

331-square-foot one-bedroom households with 6.174 million admissions

Xingkai Embankment’s first price list includes 62 units with one room, covering an area of 331 to 348 square feet, accounting for 23% of the first batch; 66 units with two rooms, covering an area of 462 to 542 square feet, accounting for 25%; 66 units with two rooms with storage The area is 552 to 573 square feet, accounting for 25%; the 74 three-bedroom units have an area of 673 to 945 square feet, accounting for 27%. The price list is priced from RMB 7.264 million to RMB 23.993 million, with 3 payment methods available. The maximum discount is 15% for 120 days. The discounted price is RMB 6.174 million to RMB 20.394 million, and the discounted price per square foot is RMB 15,790 to RMB 21,954. The price is 18,888 yuan. The admission unit is a one-bedroom apartment in Unit F on the 6th floor of Block 1, with an area of 331 square feet, which is 6.174 million yuan in discount.

At present, there are four large-scale private housing estates in Fo Tan, including The Palazzo, Jubilee Garden, Royal Ascot and The Peak. According to figures from Centaline Property, the newest building (13 years) and the closest to Fo Tan Station, The Dragon Hill, currently has an average second-hand price of RMB 17,790 per square foot, RMB 15,013 for Junjing Garden, RMB 15,640 for Jubilee Garden, and RMB 15,676 for Jinmingfeng. Yuan. As for the recent price per square foot of Shatin City One in Shatin District, it is $18,103 per square foot.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department of Centaline Property Asia-Pacific, said that the opening price of Xingkai Embankment is about 15% discount to the new market in Dawei District this year, and also about 10% discount to the second-hand market in the same district, such as the Royal Dragon Mountain. The proximity to the MTR station is believed to be very popular with passengers on the train. It is expected that the price increase of about 3% to 5% during the additional launch will also be acceptable to the market. Bu Shaoming, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Realty's Residential Department, believes that the project is actively receiving tickets. It is expected that the proportion of users will account for nearly 60%, and there will be many changers in the area.

Shangyi sold 30 units in one shot on Saturday

On the other side, Sheung Shui Xin, a subsidiary of Da Honghui GroupAt No. 38, Le Street, it has been confirmed that 30 units will be available for sale this Saturday, of which 3 units are for internal subscription. Tickets will be cut off this Thursday. All units in the project are divided into open-plan and one-bedroom units, with an area ranging from 138 to 259 square feet, after deducting the maximum 12% discount, the discounted price is RMB 2.4288 million to RMB 5.1242 million, and the full discounted price is less than RMB 6 million. 18,454 yuan.

LP10 will add 183 units for sale on Saturday

As for LOHAS Park LP10 yesterday, it added 101 units with an area of 447 to 1,526 sq. ft., after deducting a maximum 20.5% discount, the discounted price was 8.232 million to 28.796 million yuan. The fifth round of 183 units will be launched this Saturday, of which 25 units will be tendered for sale. .

Lantian KOKO RESERVE will tender the first batch of 28 units this Sunday, and more than 3,000 people have been recorded to visit the demonstration units; and the first phase of KOKO HILLS also launched 100 units. Wong Kwong Yew, managing director of Wheelock Properties, is confident that the transaction price of characteristic units will hit another record. new highs. In addition, Chen Bilian, deputy general manager of the personal digital financial products department of BOC Hong Kong, said that after the bank applies for a KOKO RESERVE green mortgage, an additional cash rebate of RMB 6,888 will be obtained.

Xingkai·Di'an first price list

Unit: 268 units

Area: 331 to 945 square feet

Maximum discount: 15%

Discounted price: 6.174 million to 20.394 million

Discounted price per square foot: 15,790 yuan to 21,954 yuan

Discounted average price per square foot: 18,888 yuan

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