The price per square foot of high-rise units in Tsuen Fung Centre hit a new high of its kind
Wenwei  2021-09-10  Transaction 

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Li Zitian) Property prices continue to rise, and small and medium-sized units have been recording high-priced transactions. According to market news, the high-level Room A of Tsuen Fung Centre in Tsuen Wan, with an area of 336 square feet and a 2-room partition, was sold for 6.21 million yuan and 18,482 yuan per square foot, a record high for similar units in housing estates per square foot. According to the records of the Land Registry, the owner of the unit fell from an unknown height in 1992 and died before being sent to the hospital. However, the place of death and the location of the fall were not clearly indicated. Therefore, the above address cannot be defined as a haunted house.

According to the bank’s online valuation, the BOC’s valuation of Shangzhi is 5.9 million yuan, while HSBC’s valuation of Shangzhi is 5.97 million yuan, the lower-level unit BOC’s valuation is 5.87 million yuan, and HSBC’s 5.88 million yuan. The higher valuation reflects the bank’s "full valuation" of the above-mentioned unit. Another search record showed that the unit had changed hands for 5.4 million yuan in 2018, and the bank had approved a full loan. This shows that the bank did not regard the address as a "hungry house".

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