The second-hand price chasing transaction of new disk belt Wang has emerged on the 1st Victoria Harbour, which received more than 3,600 votes to deploy additional launch earlier this week
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Transaction in the property market is still hot, and the hot sale of new properties drives second-hand trading. Due to the decrease in the number of second-hand "bamboo markets", buyers have recently entered the market at a faster pace, and even price chasing transactions have occurred. Among them, Kwai Chung Plaza and New Kwai Fong Gardens all have buyer price chasing cases. The prices of units sold in Kwai Chung Plaza hit a record high in housing estates. With the influx of Bai Ju 2 into the market, prospective buyers of Choi Ming Court in Tseung Kwan O made a bid to buy the property on the 1st. As for the new market, market news indicated that Kai Tak Harbour 1 had received more than 3,600 votes, which was oversubscribed by 16 times. The developer intends to launch it early this week. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Yan Lunle

Centaline Xu Weiye pointed out that the high-level H room in Block 2 of Kwai Chung Plaza, with a saleable area of about 516 square feet and a three-bedroom partition, was sold at a high price of 9.8 million yuan last year. After inspecting the house, he bid 8.8 million yuan to negotiate the purchase. Two months later, the price reached 9.1 million yuan and the unit was given to his daughter. The transaction price reached a record high in the history of the housing estate, with a price of about 17,636 yuan per square foot.

Reappearance of multi-customer price increase cases

In the same district, New Kwai Fong Gardens also recorded a case of a price chasing transaction. Xu Weiye pointed out that the high-level apartment in Block B of the housing estate has a saleable area of about 418 square feet. The original owner sold the unit for 7.28 million yuan, and many buyers had countered the price. In the negotiation, one of the investors bid 7.05 million yuan. As two or three other buyers bid about 7.06 million to 7.08 million yuan, the investor finally demanded 7.12 million yuan to accept the unit, which is more than the history of the housing estate. The highest price difference is only about 8,000 yuan, and the price per square foot is about 17,033 yuan.

Recently, a group of "white house two" buyers have entered the market, which has also accelerated market transactions. Among them, Room 04, Choi Tao Court, Block E, Choi Ming Court, has a usable area of 506 square feet and is a 2-room partition. Huang Lizhen of Midland Realty said that because the unit looks south and has a sea view, it has a business management inside, attracting a "Baiju Er" customer from the same district to take it. After the counter-offer, the contract is signed. It takes less than 24 hours to check the property before and after, and the transaction price is 5.7 million yuan. The price per square foot is approximately RMB 11,265. The original owner bought it for 1.096 million yuan in August 2001. This time, it changed hands and made a profit of 4.604 million yuan, an appreciation of 4.2 times.

Top ten housing estates have stable trading on weekends

The general market sentiment is improving. Centaline Property announced that the top ten housing estates recorded 15 transactions this weekend, which is a decrease of 1 or 6.3% from last weekend, but it has stabilized at double-digit levels for 19 consecutive weekends. Among them, City One Shatin had the most transactions, with 5 recorded. Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the housing department of Centaline Properties Asia Pacific, said that the trading of first-hand second-hand houses is booming, the supply of first-line housing estates is in short supply, the cost is soaring, and the purchasing power flows to the second- and third-tier housing estates, which makes the transaction more extensive.

In the past weekend, Midland’s top ten housing estates also recorded 16 transactions. Although a weekly decrease of 27.3%, they also stabilized at the double-digit level. Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Realty's residential department, said that the second-hand market is limited by the bidding of owners and has become harder. However, he pointed out that the market’s purchasing power and demand for home ownership are still soaring.Stimulated by the three major factors of low interest rates, low supply and high inflation, primary and secondary trading will maintain a high level.

Regarding other agency banks, the top ten housing estates of Ricacorp Real Estate recorded 15 transactions during the weekend, a decrease of 2 transactions on a weekly basis: The top ten housing estates in Hong Kong Real Estate Statistics recorded 16 transactions during the weekend, a decrease of 3 transactions on a weekly basis. As for the first-hand new homes, sales slowed down in the past weekend because the focus new homes were not yet on sale. There were only about 130 transactions on the two days of the weekend, of which 79 units were from New World Tai Wai Pavilia Village I and Pavilia Village II on Saturday. The pushed tail accounted for more than 60% of the first-hand transaction volume on the weekend.

Victoria Harbour 1 will be launched earlier this week

The next focus of the new project will be at No. 1 Victoria Harbour, Kai Tak, a subsidiary of China Overseas. The project announced its first price list for 212 units last week, with a saleable area ranging from 329 to 643 square feet, and the discounted price from RMB 6.563 million to RMB 16.544 million. Yuan, the discounted price per square foot is about 19,888 yuan to 26,204 yuan. The discounted average price per square foot is RMB 22,977. In the past two weekends and holidays, the project opened demonstration units for visits and ticket collection, and there were long queues to visit the site. According to market news, more than 3,600 votes have been received in the first two days. Based on the first price list of 212 units, the oversubscription is 16 times.

You Weiguang, managing director of China Overseas Land, said that there will be another push early this week, and there is room for a certain price increase. He also analyzed that 30% of the current source of visitors are investors, and the main source of the market is from Kowloon and the New Territories, accounting for 40% and 46%, respectively, and Hong Kong Island accounting for 14%.

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