American Chamber of Commerce "Big Exchange" for 85.88 million to buy Central Building B
2021-05-05( Wed )
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Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (reporter Li Zitian) The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong sold a basket of properties in the Bank of America Center in Admiralty Asha in October last year for 145 million yuan, and spent about half a year to purchase a Grade B office property in Central for about half a year. Although the price per square foot of the unit bought by the American Chamber of Commerce this time is more than 31,000 yuan, which is more expensive than the one sold last year, the floor space is nearly half reduced. Therefore, under the "big change", the American Chamber of Commerce still has the income from the last sale. Nearly 60 million yuan was "pocketed".

Nearly 60 million exchange sets in Gumei Bank Center

According to information from the Land Registry, the 22nd floor of the Hong Kong Diamond Club Building, 20 Ice House Street, Central, changed hands for 85.88 million yuan on April 9. The new buyer is THE AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN HONG KONG, which is the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. The above-mentioned full-floor unit has an area of 2,750 square feet, and the transaction price is RMB 31,229 per square foot.

Located at 8-10 Duddell Street, Central, the building is 25 floors high and provides a total of 66,000 square feet. It is a Grade B office building. The low-rise floor area is 4,135 square feet, and the middle and high-rise floor area is 2,750 square feet. .

Looking through the data, in October last year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong sold a basket of mid-level units in Bank of America Center at a low market price of about 20%, involving a total area of 5,968 square feet and a transaction price of 24,300 yuan per square foot. The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong purchased the above-mentioned Bank of America central unit in 1996 for 54.6 million yuan, which means that the book value of the holdings has increased by 1.6 times for about 24 years.

Last year reiterated the continued use of Hong Kong as an international base

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong issued a statement at that time stating that it will continue to stay in Hong Kong for more than 50 years and will continue to develop in Hong Kong, but will move towards digitalization and reduce office space. It also stated that it will look for a new digital and comfortable new commercial building in the future. Units for use by members.

When the Hong Kong National Security Law was implemented at the end of June last year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong stated that it would continue to use Hong Kong as a base for international business operations in the future. However, since Sino-US relations were at a low point at the time, the sale of the property by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong was regarded as a political expression of the Trump administration at that time.

Prior to this, the US Consulate General in Hong Kong also tendered for the sale of dormitory properties on Shoushan Village Road, Shouson Hill, Southern District, which are six low-density residential properties, providing 26 units and 52 parking spaces, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. The property is sold in the form of vacant possessions without a "sale and leaseback" clause. The site area is about 94,796 square feet, and the redevelopment area is about 47,397 square feet. It has been participated by multiple groups of consortia. In the end, Hang Lung Properties purchased it for 2.566 billion yuan, which is equivalent to each The land price per square foot is RMB 54,138.

However, the property once hit the rock because the transaction was not approved by the central government. It was not until the beginning of this year that new progress was made again. Hang Lung Properties and Hang Lung Group issued a joint announcement at the end of February, stating that the acquisition of the property at No. 37 Shoushan Village Road has been completed, with a total transaction price. It is 2.566 billion yuan.