Epidemic slows down and sees building growth, holiday second-hand transactions ideal

2020-10-05( Mon )

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yan Lunle) The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong is showing signs of easing, and citizens have re-attended downstairs. According to the statistics of Midland Realty Branch, during the four-day long weekend of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day (October 1 to 4) Day), a total of 37 transactions were recorded in the top 10 blue-chip housing estates, and the atmosphere was good. If counting Saturdays and Sundays, about 18 cases were recorded, a slight increase of about 5.9% from about 17 cases last week, which is at the double-digit level for 9 consecutive weeks.

Bu Shaoming expects to push real estate with "retaliation"

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Realty's residential department, said that the housing market has improved. In October, a number of new real estate deployments were launched. Coupled with the continued control of the epidemic, the purchasing power that had been backlogged for a long time in the past has emerged. In addition, most of the public stayed in Hong Kong due to the epidemic, which promotes the second-hand market. He expects that in the fourth quarter, developers will "retaliate" to promote real estate. Large new real estate at Tai Wai Station may appear this month, which is expected to stimulate property market transactions. The volume rises, and the second-hand one is driven by one hand. It is expected that the market acceptance will rebound this month.

As for Centaline Property, the top ten housing estates recorded 15 transactions this weekend, one less than last weekend. The performance is roughly the same as last week, and it has stabilized at double digits for 9 consecutive weeks. As for the 4-day holiday, a total of 36 transactions were recorded. Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department of Centaline Property Asia-Pacific, said that the property market continued to improve steadily in October, with booming second-hand transactions and a hot new real estate market, including large-scale new real estate sales at Tai Wai Station, which stimulated the accumulation of purchasing power to accelerate freed.

He continued that the second wave of the epidemic was over, and the property market rebounded rapidly. The top ten housing estates for the Buddha's Birthday and the May Day holiday recorded 75 transactions. The recent third wave of the epidemic has been declining, stimulating the upward trend of the second-hand market. The property market is expected to be very prosperous in October.

As for the top ten housing estate transactions in Hong Kong real estate statistics, 30 transactions were recorded during the four-day long holiday, and about 1 in the two-day weekend alone.2 transactions, a weekly increase of about 50%. Li Zhicheng, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Real Estate, predicts that in the fourth quarter there will be more than 10,000 new properties on the market one after another. According to statistics from Ricacorp Properties, the top ten housing estates recorded 14 transactions over the past weekend, an increase of approximately 56% on a weekly basis. On the 4th, 31 second-hand transactions were recorded.

Yujin•Guofeng sees eclipse second-hand

Although the property market has rebounded, property prices are still under upward pressure, and individual housing estates even recorded losses. According to the news, West Kowloon Royal Gold. A unit with a platform in Tower 6 of Guofeng, with an area of 469 square feet and one room partition, recently changed hands for 9 million yuan, and the price is 19,190 HKD per square foot. The original owner bought the unit in February 2012 for about 9.28 million yuan, and the book loss was about 280,000 HKD or about 3%.

No new goods in one hand, 79 transactions in 4 days

As for the first-hand aspect, as there are no new real estate for sale, and there are large new real estates ready for sale in the market, the transaction volume during the long holiday is sporadic. Only 79 transactions were recorded on the 4th. Among them, the O East and O South series of Wheelock Properties accounted for 12 units of sales and cashed in over 143 million yuan.