Top ten housing estates sold 14 cases in two days

2020-09-14( Mon )

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Zhou Xiaojing) The second-hand buyers who are eager to see "Samsung Real Estate" actively inspected properties on Saturdays and Sundays, and the amount of properties inspected in various districts rebounded significantly. Taking into account the trading volume of the top ten blue chip housing estates by the four major agents over the weekend, 10 to 14 transactions were recorded in the past two days, no increase year-on-year, but both maintained double-digit transactions.

New real estate grabs customers and second-hand market turnover drops sharply

According to Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the housing department of Centaline Asia Pacific, the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has been growing at a low level recently. The government has relaxed some anti-epidemic measures, and the market sentiment has rebounded, stimulating buyers to speed up the market. In the past two days, the transaction volume of the top ten housing estates dropped by 33% to 14 cases, mainly due to the recent surge in new properties. Among them, the new properties in Tin Shui Wai and Sai Ying have been the first to offer prices and accept subscriptions. Some of the customers in the second-hand market are thinned out, but they are still Stabilized in double digits for 6 consecutive weekends.

He continued to point out that blue-chip housing estates are rare to buy bamboo shoots, and the bargaining space is narrowed. Many buyers move to second and third-tier housing estates to continue their treasure hunting. Buyers are currently interested in entering the market and the market outlook is expected to be more prosperous. In the past two days, Ricacorp recorded 14 second-hand sales cases, a decrease of 6 or 30% on a weekly basis; Midland dropped 8 cases to 14 on a weekly basis, but it still recorded double-digit levels for 6 consecutive weekends; Hongkong Land recorded a total of 10 transactions, the same as the previous weekend.