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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2021 Jan: Average price per sq feet $11633 1.9%   (last month:$11416)
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The price surges and the king loosing 6.82 million sold


Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporters Liang Yueqin, Li Zitian) The epidemic in Hong Kong has eased, but the economic environment is poor. Some owners may due to capital turnover problems. A second-hand luxury house recorded at least four real estate losses yesterday. Among them, Yongtai partnered with Wantai to cooperate with a top-floor king in Jiuduyunfeng, Shatin. The buyer finally decided to leave the market with a loss of at least 6.82 million yuan.

The buyer bought in May last year for 68.23 million yuan, at a price of 42,300 HKD per square foot, which was the new high price per square foot for the innovation sector at that time. However, the buyer terminated the sale and purchase agreement last Friday. According to the payment terms, the buyer has paid 10% of the property price and selected the "1100 one-click payment plan" (up to 80% one click). If the order is based on the paid property price 10% of the total, the developer is expected to contract 6.823 million yuan.

Four-bedroom households on Xiangdao lost 5.5 million HKD

In terms of second-hand luxury homes, Hong Kong Island East Xiangdao Youye has been responsible for the loss of 5.5 million HKD in the past three and a half years. Midland Chow Wing Yip pointed out that the high-level A room of the two buildings on the island has a usable area of 1,188 square feet and a 4-bedroom double suite with storage compartment partition. The original owner began to release the real estate in June. At that time, the bid price exceeded 30 million yuan. However, affected by the epidemic, it was finally sold for 26.38 million yuan, a cumulative decrease of more than 3.62 million yuan. The transaction price was about 10% lower than similar market prices. The original owner purchased it for 30.38 million HKD in April 2017 and held the goods for nearly three and a half years. If included in the market entry tax and miscellaneous expenses, it is estimated that the actual loss will be about 5.5 million HKD or 18%.

Centaline Tan Yongkang pointed out that the single-numbered bungalow on Luofei Avenue, Yuen Long Vineyard, has a usable area of 2,453 square feet, with a roof and garden. The original owner put the property for about 22.5 million HKD and sold it at a price reduction of 20.68 million yuan, which was a reduction of 1.82 million HKD or 8%, and the price per square foot was 8,430 yuan. The transaction price per square foot returned to the level of the housing estate four years ago. The original owner in 2011 cost 2,188It is estimated that the actual loss will be about 2.33 million HKD if it is included in the market entry tax and miscellaneous expenses for 9 years.

Yuen Long vineyard eclipses more than 2.3 million

In addition, market sources pointed out that the bungalow at No. 33 Cape Road, Stanley, had a saleable area of 2,340 square feet. The original owner offered a price of 68 million yuan. The final price was 13 million yuan. It changed hands for 55 million yuan. The price per square foot was 23,504 yuan. According to the cost of printing and other expenses, the actual loss is about 3.4 million HKD or 6%.

"Breathe Plan" Owners Eclipse Leave

Centaline Property Li Ka-yee said that the single building in Sai Wan Ho, Park Avenue, is a unit located in Block K on the middle floor, with a saleable area of 209 square feet, including an open kitchen and terrace. It has recently been sold for 4.36 million HKD with a contractual rent of 20,861 HKD per square foot. In September 2015, the original owner used a high-volume mortgage, commonly known as "breathing plan," to enter the market for about 4.36 million yuan, holding the goods for 5 years. If included in the market entry tax and brokerage commission, it is expected to lose 160,000 HKD or 3.6%. field.

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