The second-hand property inspection volume of Xindantaiwang rebounded

2020-08-24( Mon )

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (Reporter Yin Kaoling) In the past weekend, stimulated by the launch of new real estate, the second-hand sales on weekends and Sundays (August 22 to 23) maintained double-digit sales. Hong Kong Real Estate Chief Executive Li Zhicheng said yesterday that in the past week, the anti-epidemic work in Hong Kong has gradually achieved results. The epidemic has eased. The number of property inspections in various districts has generally rebounded. In addition, the recent increase in the price of property owners has stimulated buyers to take advantage of properties. The price pulls back into the market. If the price cut continues to increase, the second-hand property market is expected to become more prosperous.

Individual owners expand bargaining space

A total of 17 transactions were recorded during the weekend and Sunday of Hong Kong home ownership, which was an increase of more than 1.4 times from the 7 transactions recorded last weekend and a 14-week high. Midland recorded a total of 21 second-hand transactions in the same period, up by about 5% weekly, and rising for three consecutive weeks, setting a new 10-week high. Bu Shaoming, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Realty’s Residential Department, said that there was another third round of large-scale new real estate sales last weekend, and the market’s response continued to be enthusiastic. This shows that buyers are more willing to enter the market, and the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has been below 100 for 21 consecutive days In addition, individual owners have also expanded the bargaining space, which has led to a rebound in second-hand trading.

However, the second-hand transactions of Centaline and Ricacorp recorded a decline over the weekend, falling 15% and 11% to 17 and 16 respectively.

OCEAN MARINI sells two more units

As for the sales of new properties on the weekend, the first phase of The LOHAS Cannes Mall officially opened yesterday, which has improved the living facilities in the area and stimulated the sales of O East Lohas Park MARINI series. OCEAN MARINI sold 2 units over the weekend and cashed in over 28 million yuan. As for MARINI, GRAND MARINI and OCEAN MARINI, a total of 1,554 units have been sold so far.It accounted for nearly 94% of the 1,651 units available for sale, with a total of over 14.2 billion HKD in cash. At present, there are less than 100 units remaining in the third phase.

In order to cope with the opening of the mall in the first phase, developers are deploying a new round of sales and have the opportunity to cut some discounts. Guo Ziwei, Investment Director of Cheung Kong Real Estate, said that SEA TO SKY, its subsidiary, SEA TO SKY, is ready to launch a new round of sales next month, but emphasized that it will cooperate with the government's epidemic prevention arrangements.

China Evergrande (3333)'s Tuen Mun Soguan Wat "Emerald Bay Emerald Bay", a total of 14 transactions were recorded over the weekend, the entire project sold a total of 982 units, and cashed out about 4.7 billion yuan. In addition, Jardine's Lookout, developed by developers such as capital strategies, recorded a transaction yesterday, with units of 2,846 square feet in units 10 and 11A, a transaction price of 200 million yuan, and an average price of 70,274 HKD per square foot.