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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2020 Dec: Average price per sq feet $11305 4.82%   (last month:$11877)
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Tuen Mun New Disk Battle Royal Bay received 1450 votes. Golden Bay's first batch of 2.91 million admissions


The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has worsened, and the government has strengthened its anti-epidemic measures, and the new real estate sales plan in Tuen Mun has been unimpeded. The two major real estates have been rushing for customers. Just as SHKP launched the first batch of new real estate in Tuen Mun at the first price per square foot on the eve of the Ocean King Road Royal Bay, Hong Kong Ferry teamed up with the Imperial Group's cooperative development of Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Emperor. Jinwan announced its first price list for 123 units with the "anti-epidemic price" yesterday, with an average price of RMB 14,445 per square foot. After deducting the maximum 6% discount, the discounted average price per square foot is RMB 13,578, which is compared with the nearby OMA by the launched by Wing Tai in May this year. Sea's first batch of discounted average price per square foot is RMB 12,463, which is nearly 9% higher than the 7% per square foot price of the newer Man Mingshan second-hand property in the same district. The discounted admission fee for the 207-square-foot open-style apartment in Golden Bay is 2.91 million yuan, which is the cheapest new building in the past year and a half. ■Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Liang Yueqin

Responsible for sales of Imperial. Lin Damin, general manager of the business (1) department of Henderson Property Agency in Golden Bay, described that the first price list of the property was an "anti-epidemic price", which was based on properties in the same district as a reference. The epidemic factor was also taken into account and considered a discount to the market. About 10 to 15%, and described as "selling large packages." In the short term, there are plans to push more than 60 units. There is a good chance that prices will increase.

Short-term additional push starts to collect tickets on Saturday

The first price list is 123 units, with a saleable area of 207 to 548 square feet, including 32 open-plan, 57 one-bedroom and 34 two-bedroom units, priced at RMB 309.8 to 6.982 million, with a 6% discount for up to 100 days. The discounted price is about 2.912 million to 6.563 million yuan, the discounted price of all units is less than 6.6 million yuan, and the discounted price per square foot is 11,961 to 15,574 yuan.

The most flat unit is the 15th basement of the third high-rise building, with a usable area of 207 square feet, and the price is 3.098 million yuan, which is a discount291.212 million yuan.

At the same time, the developer is the Emperor. The 12 units of 446 and 467 square feet in Tower 3 of Golden Bay provide 90% one mortgage. The discount of this 100-day preferential mortgage payment method is 4%, the first 24 months of mortgage interest is P-2%, and the 25th to 36th months P-1%, P+1% for the whole subsequent period.

Regarding the first batch of 108 units in Tuen Mun, Royal Bay, which will be available for sale this Saturday, is there any concern that the customer base will be diminished? He believes that the launch of more new properties can attract market attention. Emperor. Golden Bay has the opportunity to open show flats and start collecting tickets from this weekend.

Yuhai Bay Near Railroad on sale Saturday

According to news, SHKP’s Tuen Mun Royal Bay received 1,450 votes last night, which is 12.4 times over-registered compared to the first batch of 108 units sold this Saturday. Zhang Zhuo Xiumin, general manager of the agency business department of SHKP, said that Royal Bay has a strategic geographical advantage, and a number of large-scale infrastructure projects are connected to the economic and trade hubs of the Greater Bay Area.

The florescence period of the Royal Bay is only about one year, and it is close to the light rail station. Relatively speaking, Emperor Yu. Golden Bay is located in Castle Peak Bay, adjacent to the Gold Coast, and the uncompleted period of up to 22 months has resulted in a 23% difference in the discounted average price per square foot of the two new Tuen Mun properties.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department of Centaline Property Asia Pacific, said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still severe. The first batch of units of Imperial Golden Bay has reflected the epidemic factor, and is 15% discount to the first-hand goods in the same area. The first batch of admission prices is lower than 3 million yuan, which is rare in recent years.

KOKO HILLS, Cha Kwo Ling, a subsidiary of Wheelock Properties, also launched a second batch of 88 units yesterday, including one-bedroom to three-bedroom units plus a working room and toilet. In addition, 10 units of characteristic units were launched simultaneously for tender for sale, including 2-bedroom to 3-bedroom units. And the characteristic unit of the sky. The 88 units are priced from 10,027 to 22,191 million yuan, with a maximum discount of 21.5%. The discounted price ranges from 7.872 million to 17.42 million yuan. The discounted price per square foot is 19,264 to 22,721 yuan. The average discounted price per square foot is 20,770 HKD (excluding tenders). Units), it is estimated that the current batch of units can cash out about 1.2 billion HKD based on the pricing, which is equivalent to about 940 million HKD (excluding bidding units). In response to the epidemic and government measures, the sale will be divided into 2 batches. The first batch of 34 units will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis on July 26. Another 2 units will be closed on the same day. The remaining second batch of units went on sale on July 31.

Second-hand price per square foot of neighbouring estates

Estate price per square foot

Man Ming Mountain 12,670 HKD

Aegean Coast $11,262

Hong Kong Gold Coast $11,213

NAPA 12,167 HKD

Star Causeway 10,979 HKD

Aegean Bay 12,682 HKD

Wave Bay 10,271 HKD

Watchmaking: reporter Liang Yueqin

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.