US Interest Rate Remains Unchanged; The Sales of the First-Hand Property Follow the Positive Trend.
Wenwei  2020-06-12  New Properties 
SEA TO SKY will open the sample flat next week of the soonest. OMA by the Sea plans to cut the discount. The Fed keeps interest rates unchanged and expects not to raise interest rates in the next two years, which will benefit the local property market. LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY, a project developed by Cheung Kong and MTR in Tsueng Kwan, will open the sample flat next week of the soonest. Cheung Kong has considered providing construction period payment plan with the first mortgage up to 85% for buyers of three-bedroom or four-bedroom units. Wing Tai deploys to cut discounts that launched earlier of OMA by the Sea in Tuen Mun next month, a price increase in disguised form. Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Journalist(Leong Yuet Kam) Kwok Chi-Wai, the Investment Director of Cheung Kong, expressed yesterday that LOHAS Park SEA TO SKY in Tsueng Kwan will open the sample flat next week of the soonest, and may offer prices. The group had prepared HKD1 billion to assist buyers who want to buy large houses. It considers providing construction period payment plan with the first mortgage up to 85% for buyers of three-bedroom or four-bedroom units. Kwok Chi-Wai: Low-interest environment is suitable for buyers who want to change large houses. He said that the low-interest-rate environment, due to the unchanged interest rate in the United States, benefits the housing of buyers who want to change houses. It could also reduce the cost of homeownership and have a positive effect on the property market. The clubhouse is called CLUB SE@SIDE, with a garden of ​​more than 120,000 sq ft, and has more than 30 facilities, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness room and e-sports hall. There is also a viewing lift, known as "Sea Glass," which can directly reach the Waterfront Promenade. OMA by the Sea has sold 302 units. Chung ChiLam, the Executive Director and Sales and Marketing Director of Wing Tai, expresses to cut the discount that was launched earlier this month next month since OMA by the Sea's sales target has been reached. This project has sold 302 units since its opening sales in the middle of last month, cashing in over HKD1.64 billion. Nearly 60% of the units had been sold, and the average sq ft price is HKD13,424. The clubhouse is called "Chill by OMA." The clubhouse has a total of 3 floors, and an area over 48,000 sq ft together with the green zone. It is specially designed for young people. Facilities include swimming pool, Party Room, fitness room and so on. The developer collaborated with Green Monday to introduce OMA-To-Go self-service vending machines in the project clubhouse to provide "Food 2.0" innovative vegetarian food. The Executive Director of Green Monday, Ng Wing-Sum, expresses that vegetarian food includes vegetarian meat, instant noodles, snacks, etc. Chung Chi-Lam also pointed out that it is within the expectation that the US interest rate remains unchanged. The flooding of funds is conducive to the asset market. The sales of small units have been well recently, and the market demand is high. It is believed that the annual sales of 10,000 to 20,000 residential units are not a problem. However, the real economy is still weak, with volatility in property prices of about 10% throughout the year. The sq ft price in Mount Regalia in Kau To is HKD21,300. The sales of first-hand feature units continue hot. Mount Regalia, developed by Paliburg and Regal Hotels in Kau To, Sha Tin, sold Room B on the 5th floor in Block 8 together with a parking space for HKD34.61 million by tender yesterday. It is a four-bedroom two suites unit in the usable area of 1,625 sq ft, with the sq ft price at HKD21,300, and the transaction period is 720 days. Fan Tong, the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Paliburg, said that most tiered houses in the block 8 of Mount Regalia had been subscribed.
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