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Nam Sang Wai Applies for Building 5000 Public and Private Housing Units.

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The site contains the borrowed land, Tung Sam Village. SHKP said it does not know the applicant.

The government has experienced ups and downs in searching the land for house building. Even the intergrade housing policy that has attracted much attention from the society encounter unexpected event. There is consortium applying to develop a land site over 10 hectares nearby Shan Pui Chung Hau Tsuen, Nam Sang Wai, Yuen Long into a high-density residential estate by plot ratio of 3.68 times. It will construct 30 buildings, including 4,969 units, the scale of which is equivalent to half of the City One, and about 640 units were allocated for public housing. However, part of the land overlaps with the 300,000 square feet of area lent to Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui by SHKP. SHKP stated that it opposed the application and said it does not know the applicant.

■ Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Journalist: Lai Chi-tin

According to the Town Planning Board document, a consortium has applied for developing a land site about 10.56 hectares nearby Shan Pui Chung Hau Tsuen, north side of Tung Tau Industrial Area, Nam Sang Wai, Yuen Long, for large-scale comprehensive development and wetland restoration area. The land site, covering an area of ​​about 1.139 million square feet, is about 8 to 10 minutes' walk from MTR Yuen Long Station and Long Ping Station. Developer applies to develop it by plot ratio of 3.68 times, the plot ratio for the residential part of which is 3.35 times. They would construct by stages 30 residential buildings in 18-41 layers. Private housing would be 29 buildings supplying 4,329 units, with the floor area in about 3.602 million square feet and the average unit area of ​​about 832 square feet.

Public housing would be 640 units involving 208,000 square feet.

Developer would construct one public building on the southwest side of the site. This building, in-floor area of ​​about 208,000 square feet, would supply 640 units accounting for 13% of the total number of projects, with the average area of ​​about 325 square feet. The project would provide 4 other non-domestic buildings ranging from 5 to 12 floors, with the floor area of ​​about 377,000 square feet, and they would be used for clubs, retail shops, international schools, and so on.

The applicant stated that the rezoning of the site had not been approved for permanent comprehensive development for 14 years. And it is still idle. The development plan has considered environmental factors, such as providing a wetland restoration area connecting the Nam Sang Wai Wetland, using architectural design for residential buildings in the north and schools effectively reducing the fluorescence along the Kam Tin River, providing four ventilation corridors and air ducts, and adopting the design of stepped building height. The documents show that the applicant is a consortium of Hong Sing Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Wan Koon Investment Development Co., Ltd., which is one of the current landowners. But the Companies Registry does not have its registration information.

Going through the data, the developer had proposed a residential development plan for this site as early as July 2005, including the development of a plot ratio of 1 time to build 21 low-density residential buildings of 4 to 12 floors, providing 426 units, or 17 buildings of 4 to 12 floors including 410 units. But the Town Planning Board did not approve it. The housing units in this application has increased by more than 10.6 times compared with the number planned under the old plan.

SHKP Borrowed land to Sheng Kung Hui for intergrade housing.

However, SHKP had announced at the beginning of last month to lend a 300,000 square feet land site between Shan Pui Road and Cong Yip Road for intergrade housing project. It collects symbolically HKD1 to lend the land to Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. The project will be named Tung Sam Village, providing about 1,600 units in prediction. About 5,000 grassroots families would be benefited. However, the site of Tung Sam Village is overlapped with part of the land in this application.

SHKP's reply stated that it has no relationship with the applicant. SHKP had already begun preparations for the TTung Sam Village project as early as the second half of last year and had not received prior notice of the relevant application for rezoning. SHKP continued that at this stage, the condition for building permanent housing on the site is immature. The Group does not agree with the rezoning and would wholeheartedly support the construction of intergrade housing on the site.

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