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The Regent in Tai Po Offers the Prices of Additional Launched Flats Today.

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Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Leong Yuet Kam)

At the beginning of the second half of the year, developers plan to launch new flats, while mostly are stock units. After SHKP additional launching 50 units of Mount Regency II in Tuen Mun at original price the day before yesterday, source points out that, China Overseas Land & Investment will additional launch the prices of next batch from The Regent in Shan Tong Road in Tai Po today, and the sale is estimated to start next week of the soonest. The Horizon II in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, Park Mediterranean in Sai Kung and GRAND YOHO phase I in Yuen Long also additional launch flats by tenders.

China Overseas’ The Regent in Shan Tong Road, Tai Po has a total of 1,620 flats, and it has launched 972 units since the sale began in this January, about 950 units among were sold, leading the sales rate to 97.7% and taking in about HKD7.246 billion. Since the launched 927 units have been nearly sold out, plus with the first hand property sales is hot recently, so China Overseas plans to additional launch flats of The Regent, which still has about 670 units not yet been launched.

The Horizon II launches 5 featured flats by tenders.

Billion’s The Horizon II in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po additional launched 5 featured flats by tenders yesterday, including compound apartments and rooftop or ground floor garden feature flats, and the tenders will be closed day by day from July 8 to August 30. Among, room C on the 20th floor of building 5 is rooftop feature flat in usable area of 243 sq ft, and 2 are ground floor garden feature flats in building 10 with usable areas in 626 sq ft and 732 sq ft respectively, also the other 2 are compound apartments joining with terrace and rooftop on the 17-18th floor of block 2 with the usable areas in 2,824 sq ft and 2,828 sq ft respectively.

Sino also additional launches 1 feature flat of Park Mediterranean in Sai Kung by tender, and it is room 8H of block 1 in usable area of 599 sq ft joining with terrace of 527 sq ft, besides the tender will be closed next Monday. SHKP’s GRAND YOHO phase I additional launches 2 flats by tenders, and they are room F on the 36th floor and room B on the 51st floor of block 9 in usable areas of 798 sq ft and 983 sq ft joining with terrace of 98 sq ft respectively, besides the tenders will be closed day by day from July 7 to August 31.

There was senior executive of China Evergrande bought compound apartment of THE PAVILIA HILL by HKD156 million.

More and more mainland powerful customers come to Hong Kong to buy luxury houses. According to the Land Registry, the last unit of New World’s THE PAVILIA HILL in North Point, which is ready compound apartment on the 32nd-33rd floor of block 6 in usable area of 2,835 sq ft, was sold at HKD156 million with the sq ft price at HKD55,026 at the beginning of last month, and the buyer was registered of XIA HAI JUN, which is the same name as the vice chairman and president of mainland company China Evergrande(3333), so it is estimated they are the same people, also this apartment was sold together with three parking spaces.

The above unit had been sold at HKD151 million in May this year, but the buyer later gave up, and it is HKD5 million more expensive after one month. However, the buyer this time earns a rebate of 4.25% of the property price, and only needs to pay 5% of the property price first, while the remaining 95% will be paid on May 31 next year, that is, about one year of the transaction period, so the actual transaction price is HKD149.37 million after deducting the cash rebate of about HKD6.63 million, slightly lower than the price before the forfeiture of deposit in May this year.
Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.