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Creative designs in La Salle Residence.

Image Caption
Wash basin is set outside the bathroom; Compound apartment of 3,949 sq ft has no bedroom.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin)

Hong Kong developers are known for their designs of fine and skill for new houses, while mainland real estate companies have more creative design during developing new houses in Hong Kong. Mainland real estate company Fullsun’s La Salle Residence in No.6 La Salle Road, Ho Man Tin, which is their first new project in Hong Kong, uploaded the brochure yesterday, and they will strive for selling it within the month. Among them, the one-bedroom houses room E and F on the standard floors are designed to place the wash basin outside the bathroom. As for the top floor feature compound apartment in 3,949 sq ft, the design is more "unique", since there are 5 bathrooms, 1 lavatory and 1 kitchen in this two-layer house, but there is no any sleeping room, storage room or worker room, just like a huge open style flat.

Fullsun spent HKD920 million to buy La Salle Residence in La Salle Road, Ho Man Tin from EASYKNIT INT'L in last March, and it is ready now. According to the sales brochure, the project has 6 houses on each floor, including 4 two-bedroom houses and 2 one-bedroom houses, all of which use open kitchens. Among them, the current room E and F in layout of one-bedroom has been modified, that the wash basin in bathroom has been moved to the living room, one nonbearing wall of 75mm thick is built in the sleeping room to fill the original door, and the bathroom door is changed into sliding door. As seen from the floor plan of room E and F, the wash basin was set in the bathroom, and the living room was in long straight design.

Fullsun: It will be more practical after the changes.

The investment director of Fullsun, Zhang Nan expresses, the original design of room E and F was not like this, the company changed it after purchasing the La Salle Residence, because they believe it will be more practical and the living room would be more broad after the changes.

In addition to the design of placing the wash basin out of the bathroom becomes the focus, the design of top floor feature compound apartment on 18th and 19th floor of 3,949 sq ft joining with rooftop in 910 sq ft is more ‘unique’.

The brochure also shows, this top floor compound apartment has video inter-phone, heater, bathroom air heater, massage bathtub, air-conditioner, but no basic appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven and induction cooker etc.

The maintain work of the building may occupy the rooftop of the compound apartment.

The brochure also shows: "When the manager of the development project conducts any service, cleaning, upgrading, maintaining, repair, decoration, improvement and/or renewal of the development project, the salvage lifting vessel will be operated on or above the platform of some houses, or the manager needs to temporarily enter the private rooftop part of room A on 19th floor, room C on 2nd floor and room D on the 2nd floor."

The first batch of at least 30 houses will be put on sale within the month as soon as possible.

The developer also opened the existing clubhouse to the media yesterday. The clubhouse in an area of ​​2,958 sq ft sets with a multi-purpose room, a games room, a fitness room and a terrace garden.

The executive director of the company, Wu Jihong points out that, they will strive for selling the La Salle Residence including 79 houses within this month, and the areas of standard houses are 260-419 sq ft and that for top floor compound apartment is 3,949 sq ft. Zhang Nan points out that, the project uploaded the brochure yesterday, and they will put on sale the houses in short term in response to market conditions, and most of the houses will be launched by prices list, with more than 30 houses in the first batch, also it is not be excluded that the feature houses will be put on sale by tender.

Zhang Nan also says, the Group will continue to seek opportunities for development in Hong Kong, and prefers to develop residential projects in the urban area, also is optimistic about the prospects for the long-term Hong Kong property market.

In terms of new houses trading, New World’s Fleur Pavilia in North Point which is ready sold a one-bedroom house room D on 11th floor of block 3 of 548 sq ft at HKD14.923 million yesterday, with the sq ft price at HKD27,232. Fleur Pavilia has sold 543 houses, taking in more than HKD12.8 billion.
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