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Big house of "Hubei richest man" has the highest letting value of HKD 13.49 million.

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Top ten super luxury houses came out; Houses from Ma Huateng and Li Ka-shing respectively ranked the second and the third.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle)

Hong Kong top ten rental luxury houses came out! The top two of the three most expensive rental houses in Hong Kong are maintained by Repulse Bay Road No.89 owned by "Hubei richest man” Liang Liangsheng who is Chairman of C-bons Group, and Big Wave Bay Road No. 13 in Shek O owned by Tencent chairman Ma Huateng, with monthly rent above HKD 1 million. While Deep Water Bay Road #79 big house owned by CHEUNG WO founder the "Hong Kong richest man" Li Ka-shing ranked the third, replacing Mount Nicholson in Peak to stand in top three. Many big houses of mainland's rich and powerful people such as Jack Ma from Alibaba and Wang Wei from S.F. Express are also among the highest-rated rental luxury homes in Hong Kong.

The revaluation rise of the four super luxury houses ranking Hong Kong the most expensive rental houses this year are from 0% to 5%, according to the latest data from the Rating and Valuation Department. The largest increase was from the No. 13 Big Wave Bay Road, Shek O, South District owned by Ma Huateng, at the latest revaluation of HKD 12.45 million, with the average monthly rent up to HKD 1.0375 million, up 5% compared to the rent of HKD 11.85 million in last year. It is known that this big house was purchased by Ma Huateng in 2009 in his own name at HKD 480 million from the descendants of the late ship king Shi-Guang Zhao, and the buildable floor area is up to 19,500 sq ft.
The land rates for Liang Liangsheng's big house is HKD 168,800 per quarter.

However, Ma Huateng’s big house is still the second most expensive in Hong Kong, while the first one is No. 89, Repulse Bay Road, Southern District, the rental value of which is as high as HKD 13.494 million, with the average monthly rental value is up to HKD 1,124,500, up 2.9% year-on-year. Looking through the data, this big house has been on the ‘super-luxury rental house king’ for five consecutive year, with a total floor area of about 25,500 sq ft, and the owner is Hubei richest Liang Liangsheng, the chairman of C-BONS GROUP in business of bath products. Liang Liangsheng was evaluated as "the richest man in Hubei" by Rupert Hoogewerf 2010.

The land rates for Liang Liangsheng’s big house in each quarter is close to HKD 168,700 if take the land rates in 5% of the rent, while for Ma Huateng’s big house, it is about HKD 155,600. As for CHEUNG WO founder Li Ka-shing’s No. 79, Sham Shui Wan Road, it re-entered the third place with a rental value of HKD 9.636 million, up 2.55% year-on-year, and the monthly rental value is HKD 820,500.

According to the data, in 2017, Li Ka-shing’s No. 79, Sham Shui Wan Road had been the third most expensive rental house in Hong Kong, which was replaced by Mount Nicholson in the Peak in 2018. Until the latest revaluation of the rental value, it finally regained the third place and ranked the third in Hong Kong rental value list. In Li Ka-shing family, Pacific Century Group Chairman Richard Li owns one big house ‘woodville Red’ in #12 Big Wave Bay Road, Shek O, which has the highest yearly super luxury house rental value increase, with the latest rent at HKD 5.956 million and the monthly rent is HKD 496,300.

"Asian King" is at rent of HKD 9.55 million ranking the fourth.

"Asian King” super luxury house Mount Nicholson in peak, No. 1 house among was originally in the third, but fell to the fourth because the yearly rent maintained at HKD 9.552 million, without change. However, the rents of many large houses in Mount Nicholson are still quite amazing, such as No.2 house is at HKD 7.732 million while No.3 is at HKD 7.911 million, but the rent increases are lesser, with most have no change on revaluation.

Joseph Lau’s Goldsmith Rd big house in Jardine's Lookout ranked the fifth, which at rent of HKD 8.231 million, up 3.1% by year. Super houses from other richest people, such as #22 Big Wave Bay Road owned by the former chairman of Wharf, Wu Guangzheng, has the latest rental valuation of HKD 5.4216 million, up 4.63% by year, a high increase in rental values among the big houses. 22/F, 23/F, 24/F of Hui-yuan, # 36 MacDonnell Road, Midlevels Central owned by Henderson Land chairman Lee Shau-kee, including roof top and swimming pool, is at rent of HKD 6.22 million, no change by year.

Many big houses from mainland rich and powerful people entered the most expensive list.

In addition to the top ten most expensive rental luxury houses, there are many luxury houses at high rental value are owned by mainland wealthy people. For example, top floor compound apartment of Branksome Crest in Tregunter Path, Midlevels Central owned by Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba Group, had the rent rose from HKD 4.8744 million in 2017-2018 to HKD 5.1192 million in last year, and the latest rent valuation is HKD 5.2728 million, up by 3%. No. 55, La Salle Road, owned by S.F. Express owner Wang Wei, also maintained an annual rent of HKD 5.4 million.
Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.