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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Jun: Average price per sq feet $12378 0.74%   (last month:$12287)
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CCL rose 0.71% by week, the fastest in 9 months.

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Index of small and medium-sized units has risen for 5 weeks; New Territories West sharply rose 3.09% in three weeks.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Yan Lunle)

As the property market continued to stabilize, property prices also returned to the upward trend. The latest Centa-City Leading Index CCL is 173.47 points, up 0.71% per week, which is the highest in 37 weeks (about 9 months), the Centaline Property research department announced yesterday. It is worth noting that the increase of property price indexes in New Territories was the most obvious among the four districts, which rose sharply by 1.58% to 158.97 points per week, and has risen by 3.09% for three weeks. The indexes of the remaining three districts also rose, with weekly increase from 0.32% to 1.5%.

The weekly increases of three major overall property price indexes were the largest in 37 weeks, indicating that property prices rising have accelerated, the senior co-director of Centaline research department, Huang Liangsheng pointed. Among them, CCL latest reported 173.47 points, up 0.71% per week; CCL Mass reported 175.38 points, up 0.89% on a weekly basis, also the largest in 37 weeks. CCL (small and medium-sized units) reported 173.32 points, up 0.76% on a weekly basis, and the increase was also the largest in 37 weeks.

Huang Liangsheng: The rise starts and speeds up.

The above three overall indexes have risen for five weeks, the first time in 35 weeks, with CCL has risen 2.07%, CCL Mass has risen 2.64%, and CCL (small and medium-sized units) has risen 2.29%. As for the lesser performer CCL (Large Property) latest reported 174.18 points, up 0.46% by week, which also has risen 1.65% for three weeks. Huang Liangsheng believed the property price rising has already started, and it has obviously accelerated in upward.

Only Hong Kong Island fell by 0.32%.

As for the property prices of the four districts, New Territories West Property Price Index rose the most, up by 1.58% per week to the latest of 158.97 points, the biggest increase in 6 weeks, and a total of 3.09% for three weeks. The New Territories East Property Price Index reported 185.45 points, up 1.5% on a weekly basis, the biggest increase in 4 weeks. The Kowloon Property Price Index reported 172.11 points, up 1.09% on a weekly basis, the biggest increase in 3 weeks, and a total of 3.9% for four weeks. Hong Kong Island with lesser performance in the four districts reported the property price index at 178.64 points, down 0.32% per week, and a slightly decline after 3 weeks of rising.

From the beginning of the new year, the prices of the four districts have risen in an all-round way. Among them, the property price increase of the New Territories West was the most significant, with a rise of 3.09% in three weeks. Property prices have risen by 1.54% in New Territories East, by 1.85% in Kowloon, and by 0.27% in Hong Kong Island. The four overall property price indexes have risen for three weeks, the first time in 37 weeks, which appeared again after the announcement of the six housing measures.

In addition to the increase in property prices, the number of house visiting in each district also rebounded. The house visiting appointments on this weekend for ten leading housing projects recorded in 695 groups, up 1.5% by week. The market is full of positive factors recently, and the new projects are in good selling, so developers are taking advantage of the hot market to additional launched more driving up house visiting number in second hand property market, also the property prices regained upward, besides buyers visit around to compare on weekend accelerating the pace of entering the market, which pushed up the house visiting number in second hand property market, the Asia Pacific vice chairman and president of the residential department of Centaline Property, Chen Yongjie expressed.

House visit appointments increase; Owners are more confident.

The visiting appointments on this weekend for the 15 indexing projects registered in about 505 groups, up nearly 5.6% than last weekend's, and it has risen for 6 weeks, according to Midland statistics. The market optimism continues, and buyers have positive attitude towards the market, driving the second-hand transactions continued in up trend, the chief executive officer of residential department of Midland, Bu Shaoming expressed. In addition, the recent second-hand transactions have increased significantly, consuming a lot of popular houses, and some owners become more and more confident. It is expected that individual housing estates will continue to gain high-priced transactions.

1,490 groups of visiting appointments for Hong Kong 50 leading housing projects on this weekend are registered, rising slightly 0.7% by week, which has risen for 6 weeks and maintained in high level, according to the data from Ricacorp research department.
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