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New Projects Take Advantage of The Introduction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Program Planning to Launch Houses; Sol City Additional Launched With Price Cut of 2%; GRAND CENTRAL Will Be Put On Sale By Mark Up on Saturday.

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Hong Kong Wen Wei Po (By Liang Yueqin)

New projects compete to launch taking advantage of the introduction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Program Planning which benefits the market. Sol City in Long Ping Station, Yuen Long developed by Chinachem and MTR additional launched 72 units yesterday with the discounted average sq ft price was HKD 15,514, which was 2% lower than the average sq ft price of the first batch launched in October last year. GRAND CENTRAL Phase 2 in Kwun Tong developed by Sino and the URA additional launched 98 units by mark up of 1% to 2% , and will put on sale 161 units public on this Saturday, while another 55 units were tendered for sale. Sun Hung Kai also took the advantage to additional launched 43 units in phase 1 of St. Martin in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po by bidding, which will be closed on March 8.

Sol City in Long Ping Station, Yuen Long additional launched 72 units yesterday, all of which were located in the fifth block in area of 319 sq ft to 556 sq ft., including 24 units in one room and 48 units of two rooms, the Sales Director of Chinachem Group, Wu ChongWu expressed. There are HKD 6.29 million to HKD 9.975 million in the price list, with the sq ft prices from HKD 16,484 to HKD 21,706 after deducting the highest discount of 15%, and the discounted lowest price is HKD 5.346 million, while the average discounted sq ft price is HKD 15,514, down 2% that the average price of the first batch in last October

Chinachem planed to launch project in Pok Fu Lam.

They decided to additional launched houses seeing recent market is warming up, and some are in original price comparing with price list of last batch, while the price of one room units among will slightly increased, anyway it is expected to announce the sales arrangement in the short term, he pointed. This project has accumulative sold 289 units taking in more than HKD 2.1 billion. The sales arrangement of Bisney Road project in Pok Fu Lam estimated to be announced within this month, he added.

For other developers, GRAND CENTRAL phase 2 in Kwun Tong developed by Sino and Urban Renewal Authority (URA) additional launched 98 units in 449 sq ft to 909 sq ft with mark up of 1%-2%, leading the sales prices from HKD 12.46 million to HKD 24.329, with the discounted prices from HKD 9.906 million to HKD 19.342 million. At the same time, developer uploaded the sales arrangements of 216 units, publicly put on sale 161 units on this Saturday (98 of them came from yesterday's additional launched units), and will be put on sale another 55 units by bidding, which will close next Thursday. GRAND CENTRAL has sold 1,489 units since it was launched in December last year.

St. Martin additional launched 43 units by bidding.

Sun Hung Kai additional launched 43 units of St. Martin phase 1 in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po by bidding yesterday. They include layouts of open-style, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, three-bedroom one suite with work room and three-bedroom one suite with work room interval. The bidding will close on March 8th.

The Vantage will upload brochure this week at the soonest.

The Vantage in Bailey street, Hung Hom will upload brochure, pricing and open sample flat within this week at the soonest, and the prices will refer to property price of new projects in Kai-tak, but hope that the first price list will be reasonable, the Sales Department Manager of Henderson property, Lin Damin expressed yesterday. He also revealed that all units of the project will be equipped with wardrobes, which is the first time for the group to send furniture for the new project.

There are 551 units in The Vantage, of which 322 units are one room households, ranging from 248 sq ft to 277 sq ft accounting for 58.4% of the project; another 136 units are in open layout in areas from ​​170 sq ft to 218 sq ft; While for two rooms and two rooms one suite, they are 69 units and 24 units respectively in areas of 381-391 sq ft and 402-425 sq ft, Lin Damin said.

Poggibonsi is not exclude to invite tenders.

Discovery Bay had uploaded sales brochures last week and will be available for sale as early as the beginning of next month, and it is not sure being put on sale by bidding or uploading pricing list, the Assistant Sales and Marketing General Manager of HKR International, Chen Xiuzhen expressed. The first batch will be at least about 50 units if by price list, while it will be about 40 units at least if uploading sales arrangement.

The project has two advantages that nearby Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Hong Kong International Airport, enjoying one-hour life circle in the Greater Bay Area of ​​Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau and travel to the world through the airport, she pointed. This project has 196 units in total. It is estimated that the occupation paper will be obtained in the middle of the year, and the sample units will be opened later. She also said that most units of Poggibonsi are heading southeast, house king among which is three rooms unit in 1,379 sq ft from block 8 viewing sea scape in all halls and rooms.
ShangYan House was sold at HKD 80 million.

In terms of first-hand transactions, ShangYan in Kau To, Sha Tin developed by HKR International and Nam Phong sold the 18# villa in area of 2,623 sq ft yesterday at about HKD 80 million with the sq ft price in about HKD 30,500, and there are still 19 units for sale. Sino’s MAYFAIR by the sea 8 in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po yesterday sold underground room B of 656 sq ft in building 3A at discounted price of HKD 13.14 million with the sq ft price in HKD 20,031, being the latest sq ft price peak of the project.
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