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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Apr: Average price per sq feet $11842 1.7%   (last month:$11644)
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Price of The Reach predict to increase 20%


New Territories launched a new real estate battle clouds Haiyi Jing Longwan war

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News (Reporter Su Hongqiang, Cen Jianle) Festive atmosphere is getting stronger, still no resistance to developers to push the real estate development ambitions. Yuen Long Shang Yue, who has been a longtime occupant, is expected to raise his prices by 20% next year. MOUNT VIENNA, the first real estate unit to be sold out, has also joined the fare increase. In addition, the sales of Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds continued, the fastest after the latest Christmas deployment. As for the development of the Chinese-funded Sham Tseng • Long Bay, it is expected that the first quarter of next year will be on sale. Visible in the short term new real estate rush off war will focus on the New Territories.

Ever since the development of Park Reach has "pushed the sun" to push 63 people, that night, "a Q clear bag," Henderson Property Agency (I), general manager of Linda said yesterday that the feelings of sales ideal. Therefore, the developer is able to pursue the chase. The up-to-date 10-odd The Reach Building features The Reach Tower and introduces the top floor of Building A, 28th Floor to the media.

Shang Yue features 20,000 feet per square foot

According to Linda Tam, seven of the ten featured households have booked prices up to eight per room at Room C, 28th floor, with a usable floor area of ​​950 square feet at a price of up to $ 20,481. Rates are set at a maximum of 8 units at Rooms 27 & 28A Duplex meter, an area of ​​1,940 square feet, priced 36,737,000 yuan. He predicted that the seven fastest months will raise prices by at least 20%. As for the replenishment transaction data of Shang Yue Fang and Linda Lam, who sold 63 traders recently, the average price per square foot of the project was $ 15,713. There were also three "two meals per customer".

New real estate price increases are not unique, Hing Wensheng create its own MOUNT VIENNA Shatin, recently sold only the first characteristic of the transaction yesterday, they will immediately amend the price list will be 7,8 F, B-room duplex, pricing from the original 1.03 billion HKD increased by 2.9% to 106 million yuan, unit area of ​​2,605 square feet, the latest equivalent to 40,691 HKD foot price. The real estate recently sold a 7, 8th Floor, Room A duplex households, priced at 94.4 million yuan, a new high-level luxury apartment in Shatin. The real estate has been selling since September so far 6 sets, cash of 328 million yuan.

Sea of ​​clouds soft sales continued

As for the new land of Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds, soft sales continued offensive, the real estate yesterday, the media introduced real estate clubhouse facilities. Hutchison Whaley General Manager Hsu Chih-yuan said the demonstration unit, which is expected to be completed after Christmas, will open to the media and is expected to be available at the end of this year or beginning of next year. He also disclosed that it is estimated that the management fee per square foot of the flat will be about 4.38 yuan.

From the Chinese-funded development of real estate market one after another, China Metallurgical's home in Hong Kong's first real estate deep well Yi Jing Longwan, can not wait to promote. Hu Ying, the business director of China Metallurgical Properties, said yesterday that the project is awaiting the approval of pre-sale consents and expects to launch the sale in the first quarter of next year. The project will be sole agent of Midland Realty.

Hu Ying continued means, Yi Jing. Long Bay to local customers as the main sales target, while the real estate consists of two buildings, a total of 198 partners. The standard occupancy is from one room to three bedrooms, and the salable area ranges from about 300 square feet to 930 square feet. Project main unit of a room, accounting for more than half of real estate. On the top floor, there are two groups of rooftop feature households with a usable area of ​​about 3,000 square feet, separated by four bedrooms. The total investment of the project exceeds 1 billion HKD and is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

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