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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Apr: Average price per sq feet $11842 1.7%   (last month:$11644)
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New disk crazy fare increase half a month expensive 18%


Developers take advantage of Wang City attack Jinhai push 114 new goods

Hong Kong Wen Wei Bao (Reporter Liang Yueqin) after the publication of the policy report, the new real estate sales continued hot, developers do not hesitate to increase the price. New Territories Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai and Jinhai II sells about 1,350 people in just one month, and sets up more than $ 10 billion. , Than in mid-September Jinhai announced the first batch of the average folding foot price of 12,788 HKD 17.8%. As for Cheung Tau's love in Tsuen Wan. Love the United States and the rest of the 54 seats three households also plans to 13 this month, a separate fare increase of 2%.

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder yesterday to "climax after another" to describe Jinhai sales, Jinhai and Jinhai II has sold about 1,350, set more than 10 billion yuan. As there are still a lot of people to the past, Jinhai II plus push 114, the average folding real estate price of 15,065 yuan. He said that Jinhai and Jinhai II have sold two-thirds of the units, the remaining one-third of the unit, because the Jinhai series is the only group in the sunrise Cannes, so the remaining units are reluctant to sell, not And then for large sales, can not be considered real estate, but will be a small amount of small or small batch of small launch.

Jinhai II plus 513 million admission

Xindi agent Chen Hanlin, general manager of this batch of push units are located in the 5A and 5B Block, which 5B E room three room toilet is the first launch of the type, and said the unit has a slight increase in the unit, I believe the market can accept, The fastest sale early next week. According to the new price information, the unit price of the price of 6.26 million HKD to 1,283.5 million, the average price of 18,372 HKD per square foot, deduct the maximum 18% discount, fold 513.3 million HKD admission. Chen Hanlin means that the North Point Hai Xuan fastest next week on the saleLou book, and is preparing the tender documents.

New Place in Yuen Long Kam Tin North PARK YOHO Genova yesterday will be 4% of which 1% increase, and on Saturday for sale of 12 groups. New Zealand agency business unit general manager Zhang Zhuo Xiu-min said Tuen Mun Pu Yu yesterday announced this week on the first to the first form of sale of 8 groups. The usable area of ​​the flats is from 310 sq ft to 465 sq ft, including open to two tenants, from $ 4,858,600 to $ 6,654,100 for an average price of about $ 14,338.

Long real notice of love Hyun did not finish finished

Cheung Tung real estate investment director Guo Ziwei said that the sea of ​​Tsuen Wan love. Love the United States and the remaining 54 of the three units of the three units, will be on the 13th of this month to raise the fare increase of 2%, the three rooms with a usable area of ​​791 to 820 square feet, the future will depend on the market conditions and then add 10%. Cheung Kong senior business manager Feng Hailun refers to the sea of ​​love and sea love. Love more beautiful than 2,100 guitar, cash more than 23.94 billion yuan, the average transaction price of 18,000 HKD per foot, the highest transaction price of about 23,000 yuan. She also said that if the single sea of ​​love. Love sale of the United States, the project sold 1,192 groups, accounting for about 94% of the sale of units, cash more than 13.6 billion yuan.

Junao peak bid investors nearly half

Henderson Property Agency (1) General Manager Lin Damin said that Quarry Bay Junhao peak sales of 68 on Friday to 423 votes over the previous week, over-subscribed more than 5 times, the main source for the branch family , There are 40% to 50% for investors, ticket holders to subscribe to more than two houses, 15% of the ticket to the mainland passengers. Li Jia Club mortgage manager Huang Yongxin pointed out that the behavior of the project buyers to provide two mortgage plans, including the interest rate as low as H plus 1.3%, another plan for the first year fixed interest 1.75%, followed by the rate of H plus 1.3% , Two planned cash rebates up to 1.7%.

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