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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2019 Apr: Average price per sq feet $11842 1.7%   (last month:$11644)
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Jinhai II first batch of 227 people soon to sell off


New land sales bumper harvest nearly 40 billion this year

Hong Kong Wen Hui News (Reporter Yan Lun Le) property market in the policy after the rally continued. As the policy is clear, the pace of buyers to enter the market to speed up, hand sales continue to hot. Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai II yesterday for the first round of sales, the market news that the first batch of 227 units have been sold yesterday. Together with Jin Hai I has sold more than 990 (cash of about $ 7.8 billion), Jinhai I and II have sold more than 1,220 lots in less than one month. They are selling the most prosperous projects in recent years. The total amount of cash close to 40 billion yuan.

Jin Hai II had accumulated more than 6,000 votes, over-subscription more than 25 times. Reporters yesterday saw the scene, the real estate at 9:30 in the morning to sell the program, prospective buyers arrived early in the queue, the scene once a long dragon. Centaline Property and Midland property yesterday morning, respectively, said the exposure of the prospective buyers attendance rate of Bacheng to Jiucheng. The United States Department of Housing Chief Executive Bu Shaoming said that the ticket holders in the 8 to become the corner of the buyer, the rest of the new votes, users and investors each accounted for 7 percent and 3 percent. About six o'clock in the evening, the news that yesterday opened 227 groups have been all buyers have been subscribed.

Jinhai less than a month to sell 1220 guys

This year the sale of new land can be described as a bumper harvest, the introduction of Jinhai, Yuen Long Grand Yoho2, Park Yoho Genova, Southwest Kowloon Nanchang Station Meeting Xi and Tuen Mun Park Royal 5 new real estate all sold, together with other trailers sold more than 3,250, the total set is now close to 40 billion yuan. Which Jinhai I, II sold units accounted for 1,220 or 37.5%.

Look back in recent years the new real estate sales progress, Jinhai I and II sales progress quite standard, to partnerCount, I believe that only in April 2015, the first day of the week to sell a total of 1,648 blue sky. If the new land in the new real estate, I believe the number of units sold in recent years, a new high. As Jinhai II more than 900 partners, it is estimated that sales figures will continue to break up.

According to the information, the first batch of 227 flats sold by Jinhai II, covering an area of ​​343 square feet to 628 square feet, priced from 5.584 million HKD to 12.141 million yuan, deduct the maximum 18% discount, the average discount price of 14,598 yuan, Jin Hai last month in the first batch of 208 12,788 HKD higher than 14%. Jinhai II offers 1,132 flats for 18 months, with a floor area of ​​321 square feet to 934 square feet.

As the contents of the policy address focused on public housing, private property market is not much ink, disguised to clear the policy uncertain factors, a number of developers recently push the real estate, to absorb the market a long wait and see the purchasing power. Bu Shao Ming said that many people to speed up the market, expected fourth quarter price rise, an increase of 3% to 4%.

Centaline Asia Pacific vice president and president of residential Chen Yongjie is expected in October can record about 1,800 single-handed transactions, expected annual turnover of up to 19,000 to 20,000, the Central Plains City Leading Index (CCL) tailings up to 165 points , Up 15% over the year. And summed up the past two days, the market recorded a total of about 256 single-handed transactions, which accounted for nearly 89% Jinhai II.

My Central gives priority to the customer

Other new real estate, Cheung Kong on the ring My Central last week to sell 80 and sell, the day by pushing 35, Cheung Kong Group Assistant Chief Manager (business) He Jiaxin said the project will be uploaded within the new price list today announced the new Sales arrangements. As a result of the large number of people to the corner, will be arranged to give priority to the prospective customer, with Resurrection priority group, but will limit the number of units, and the other continue to have a large family buyers buyers, within a week to start a new round of sales, but the sale details Not decided.

Asked the Group's Central Center of 75% of the ownership of the news of the purchase, Cheung Kong Group Executive Director Zhao Guoxiong response, the Central Center is still the Group's property, due to the large amount of silver code, if the implementation of the transaction or the latest news must Announced.

Junao peak the first batch of votes have been full

In addition, Hengti Quarry Bay Jun Haofeng earlier announced the first price of a total of 93, the news that the cumulative ticket of about 100. In addition, the same Department of Causeway Bay Jun Ju recently sold 40 floor B room, an area of ​​554 square feet, the price of 21.27 million yuan, 38,401 HKD per square foot, are a new standard project units.

It is reported that the buyer is non-local customers, expected to pay 30% or more than 6.38 million spicy tax.

Translated by 28Hse.com . All right reserved.