Notice For Renting Serviced Apartment
2015-05-07( Thu )
Currently, there are many serviced apartments in Hong Kong. They are decorated, furnished, with home appliances and supply hotel service, attracting many people to live in. These apartments are widely distributed in Hong Kong Central District, Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui and other nice locations that gathering office buildings, providing office workers convenience to work. What is more, serviced apartment supplies flexible lease base on month, and some even supply daily renting to satisfy tenant's requirement. For people in honeymoon, changing house, wondering to rent or buy, serviced apartment will be a good choice. It can help to catch buying opportunity without losing high quality life, and tenants only need to carry personal belongings to live in. Please pay attention to following items if you choose and decide to live in one serviced apartment. 1) In general, lease term is short to one month and long to one year, while some serviced apartments may supply daily renting. (According to lease from different serviced apartment supplier.) 2) The rent of serviced apartment may be low or high. Tenants have right to use all furniture, home appliances, kitchen, bath room and related equipment after paying rent, but whether network is free or need extra charge will according to supplier's term. 3) Some serviced apartments supply club or recreational facilities, and tenants can enjoy them for free. 4) Most serviced apartments will supply hotel service like changing towel or bed sheet, cleaning, washing and so on. Some of them are freely supplied, while some individual items need extra charge. 5) Normally, serviced apartment may charge fee for water, electric, gas or local telephone bill, while some may freely supply them. It decided by supplier. 6) Some real estate agencies in Hong Kong offer referral services, and customers do not need to pay service charge. 7) Most serviced apartments need to be paid extra rent of one or two months as deposit, which will be all returned when the lease expires.(According to lease from different serviced apartment suppliers.) 8) Most serviced apartment forbid keeping pets, but there are still some welcome tenant living with pet. 9) Most serviced apartment allow cooking, while some are not. 10) Try not to change original furniture, because you are not the owner. 11) Please check all details of the terms before signing the lease to avoid any unnecessary dispute in future.