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翠鳴臺 Terrace Concerto

Hong Kong Housing
Tuen Mun3 Ming Kum Road
翠鳴臺 Terrace Concerto Logo
Terrace Concerto developed by Hong Kong Housing Society. It located at 3 Ming Kum Road. It proivdes 290 units .The area is 297 to 662 square feet.

翠鳴臺 Terrace Concerto Summary

Tuen Mun 3 Ming Kum Road

Hong Kong Housing

31 March,2021

The area is 297 to 662 square feet

Hong Kong Housing Society


16(Residential Car Parking Space)

1 tower

31 storeys

http://www.terraceconcerto.hkhs.com/ (New Development Website)
http://www.srpa.gov.hk/en/ (SPRA Website)

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