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North Point Siu Nin Building [Agency Ads]
*Newly renovated* Buy and live with convenient transportation

This price is very attractive! One word *fast*!

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Created:2022-06-13 | Updated:2022-06-13
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Sell Price
Sell HKD$4.78 Millions
Mortgage Monthly Repayment HKD$13,600
Initial Payment HKD$1.91 Millions, Mortgage Ratio 60%
Interest Rate 3%, Years 25
The above payment is for reference only.
Gross Area
377 ft²
Unit Price: @12,679
Saleable Area
225 ft²
Unit Price: @21,244
Siu Nin Building
HK Island North Point
Block and Unit: 兆年大廈 中層
Build year: 36 Year
Floor zone
Middle Floor
Room and Bathroom
1 beds 1 bathrooms
No.32 Tsat Tsz Mui Road

Property Agency Company

Company Address: 香港北角七姊妹道38號愛琴軒地下2B舖
Company License Number: C-004256


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Tel:  852-90293xxx

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Personal License Number: E-092671

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