The real estate market reduces the stress test by adding 3% to 2%, and the 5 million yuan unit borrows 90% of the monthly income requirement of 56,000 to 50,000
Wenwei  2022-09-24  Transaction 
However, since Hong Kong has entered an interest rate hike cycle, and the interest rate has risen, it is reasonable to reduce the original assumed rate increase in the "stress test". After reducing the assumed rate of increase in the stress test, when the interest rate rises again , it will not lead to an increase in the difficulty of entering the market.

She also said that the Hong Kong P was only increased by 0.125% this time, and the market expects that the rate hike cycle may peak next year. It is believed that the cumulative increase in Hong Kong interest rates will not keep up with the US interest rate, so the pressure test assumption is reduced to 2%. It has provided sufficient defensive power for the property owners, and it can also protect the bank credit risk from increasing. This time, the HKMA responded quickly to the changes in the market. It is believed that it will help home buyers prepare their budgets and prepare for the interest rate hike period, and it will also prevent buyers from becoming more difficult to enter the market when the interest rate increases, which will positively promote the property market.

In 2010, the HKMA required banks to conduct stress tests for mortgage applicants, and in 2013, the assumed rate hike for the stress test was raised from 2% to 3%.

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