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Privacy Policy

Data privacy statement

This letter state the responsibilities and the policies of 28 House Information Co.,Ltd ("Hong Kong Property Web") according to "Personal Data (privacy) Ordinance" ("the Ordinance").

Customers supply data to this company in demand at times for the purpose of using this website functions and other related facilities and services. According to "the Ordinance", " Hong Kong Property Web" has the responsibility to protect the customers personal data from incomplete and leaked.The data may include your email address and other data supplied to this company through this website. To carry out the above objectives, this company can supply the above data to the following parties:

Subsidiaries and Associated companies of "Hong Kong Property Web"; Any middlemen, contractors, or other service providers who service for "Hong Kong Property Web" and the service relate to the company's business operations; Communication Media(Under condition that related to handling of customers' complaints and inquires); Any related that "Hong Kong Property Web" has the responsibility to disclose to according regulations which have legally binding to this company; Any have responsible for the confidentiality to "Hong Kong Property Web". This website suitable for children browsing but you should not supply any personal data to this company if you under 18 years old unless you get the consent from your parents/ guardians.

According to "the Ordinance", as data subject, you have the right to check if "Hong Kong Property Web" hold your personal data and if the data are correct. Any requirement of check and change the data should sent in written form to :


"Hong Kong Property Web" will charge HKD$500 for related administration spending compensation when handle the information obtain requirement.

If you don't want to received any promotional material (except material relate to "Hong Kong Property Web"), please login this website Member Area -> Info change and remove the tick in " receive member message (Email)" to make "Hong Kong Property Web" stop to use your personal data for direct promotion in free.

Personal information collection statement

This company collect the personal data only for direct relation use on order and delivery "Hong Kong Property Web" material. If you hope to receive this material, please supply personal data. To know more detail of the personal data (privacy) policy of this company, please check by this.

Privacy policy statement

The main ordinances of "Personal Data (privacy) Ordinance" ("the Ordinance") already went into effect on December 20th, 1996. This statement in purpose of listing the responsibilities and the policies of 28 House Information Co.,Ltd ("Hong Kong Property Web") according to "the Ordinance".

Personal Data

Members' data hold by this company include: telephone number, E-mail address and other data for the service.
Customers should provide the above information to this company when opening an account and this company providing other relevant facilities and services.


Related customers' data may have the following uses:

Providing the daily service of this website ;
Direct promotion of products or services and the charity;
Handle the customers' complaints and inquires;
Make disclosure according to the legislative requirements applicable to this company;
Any direct related to the above items.
If the customer fails to provide relevant data, this company may not be able to provide the service to the member.

The transfer of personal data

This company will keep member data confidential, but may supply the data to following people or parties:

Subsidiaries companies of this company;
Any agents, contractors, or other service providers who service for this company relate to this company's business operations;
Communication Media(Only under condition of handling customers' complaints and inquires delivered to this company through communication media );
Any related that this company has the responsibility to disclose to according applicable legally regulations;
Other be responsible for the confidentiality to this company.

Check and correct the personal data

According to "the Ordinance", customers have the right to:

Check if this company hold their personal data; Ask for copy of the data;Correct any incorrect data;。

If want to receive or correct the data please sent to general@28hse.com

This company will charge HKD$500 for administration spending when handle the requirement of data obtain.