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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2021 Jan: Average price per sq feet $11513 0.85%   (last month:$11416)

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Standard Charge

Description about property listing (Same price as for sale and for rent item)

Call us for any enquiry on payment or listing: 852-3904-3021
Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm
normal listing
75012 listings are using now. HKD:300 (or use HSE MONEY:300) Valid for: 30Days
List on top of the Top and normal listing
Increase exposure to 2 to 3 times
2618 listings are using now. HKD:1000 (or use HSE MONEY:1000) Valid for: 30Days
Have chance to get exposure in the homepage
Increase exposure 1.5 times
42 listings are using now.
HKD:700 (or use HSE MONEY:700) Valid for: 17Days
Property Agency:  We have special annual usage plan for any property agency or agency company. Please contact our sales representative for further information: Tel: 3525-0651 / 3525-0652 / 3902-3070。


1. All listings will be posted at 28Hse.com website, Android App and iPhone App. Data are sync. together.

2. Every listing can choose either for sell or for rent. If you need both, you can post 2 separate listing instead.

3. The charge for the for sell and for rent property is the same.

4. *Fast gone property is needed to go with either one of the property type. (normal,top or golden top)

5. You can hoose to use HKD or Hsemoney to list the property. Hsemoney is the token bought in advance for the ease of posting more properties.

6. For property renewal, the charge is same as above.

7. The above price is valid for local Hong Kong 2nd hand property market. For oversea, the price would be fourth as above. Moreover, if the listing is violated our listing rules, our admin would have chance to adjust the price.


1)  Member Login or Member Register ( Need to have valid email and HK mobile number ) - Login - Register

2)  Afer login, there is property list function at the menu bar - Post Ad now

3)  You can select payment method on the form: Bank transfer, Credit card or Hsemoney

4)  After payment, you ads will become valid.

5)  You can now use one of our platform to do the ad posting. 28Hse.com website, 28Hse mobile site (m.28hse.com), 28Hse Android App, 28Hse iPHONE App. The listing will be posted at all platform at the same time.

Payment method

Bank Transfer

You can use one of the bank below to do the bank transfer or online bank transfer:

1) Bank of China(BOCHK): Account - 01288910872374 Company - 28HSE LIMITED

2) HSBC: Account - 541397774838 Company - 28HSE LIMITED

3) Hang Seng Bank: Account - 228-360681-883 Company-28HSE LIMITED

After payment, you can write your email and mobile and send to us by:

1) Whatsapp to 51659760 or;

2) Fax 852-30208775 / 852-39094625 or;

3) 28Hse online form or; Form

4) Email to general@28hse.com, with title "payment to 28hse".

Normally, we will process the payment within an hour during working hour. You will be informed by email after complete. You can call us by Tel: 852-3902-3071 / 3904-3021

Credit Card payment (Paypal)

 - After posting ad, you will be directed to Paypal for credit card payment.

 - Please don't select the login, just choose to use the credit card info input.

 - After payment, the posted ad will be validated within 5 mins automatically.

Purchase Hsemoney

If you have few property ad wanted to be posted in us, you are welcome to buy the Hsemoney token in advance so that you can post your ad more conveniently. Moreover, all of the Hsemoney won't have any expiry date.

Every 100Hsemoney = HKD100.

For 5000Hsemoney or more, you can enjoy 10% off. 5000Hsemoney = HKD4500

After member login, you can buy Hsemoney at the member center   Purchase Hsemoney