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Hong Kong Property Market - Yr.2021 Jan: Average price per sq feet $11701 2.5%   (last month:$11416)
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Buy New Homes from Developers in Hong Kong
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Buy the developers of the new building process - buy a new building program to developers.

1. Visit the developer demonstration unit, pay attention to whether the demonstration unit built in real estate scene, otherwise, it is recommended to observe the scene.
2. Usually demonstration units, the post will be the developer's price of the radio center water units can be made to contact the sales office
3. usually buy our primary floor space did not intend to price, you can choose to buy, do not buy the election over other units, such as the developer was shot Sale
Scene signed the provisional agreement and pay the initial deposit (commonly known as thin set) deposit is usually three to five per cent.
The developers will have a pre-sale phase law firms to represent the party.
5. Typically developers will offer "free agreements" to give the lead buyer with his pre-law firms.
6. However, buyers can choose their own lawyer is OK. In case there are any problems in the future, to avoid biased lawyer developers.
7. developers lawyer checked the Land Registry records
8. developers lawyer drafting formal agreement
9. Purchaser lawyer checked the Land Registry records and checking formal contract
10. Solicitor buyer approval
11. The developer signed a formal contract and collect attorney big order
12. developers lawyer drafting formal agreement
13. developers lawyer will contract the buyer at the buyer's lawyer lawyer to fight Revenue stamp, stamp duty and registration to the Land Registry
14. The buyer attorney review title
15. The remainder of the buyer to pay the prices and signed deed
16. The property developer will pay Kyrgyzstan and signed deed
17. The unit is uncompleted, and other real estate buyer must be completed before occupation
18. Completion
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