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Tsim Sha Tsui Golden Mansion [Agency Ads]

物業資料: 漆咸道南金德大廈地舖, 單邊有落地大玻璃窗, 獨立自己冷氣機, 獨立室外廁所, 可做來去水喉入舖, 有三相電錶, 有煤氣到可重新駁錶, 合飲食/時裝皮具/婚紗西裝/零售服務/其他, 租金全不包, 另付管理費+差餉, 現吉歡迎約睇
本公司專營尖沙咀佐敦超過200座商業,商住及各地舖租售服務, 熟悉各大小公司業主律師樓合約條款及Offer程序, 尚有更多適合不同行業的樓盤可供選擇, 歡迎Whatsapp或致電本公司各資深同事或可瀏覽本公司主網頁: 了解一下

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11 days ago posted
Created:2022-08-06 | Updated:2022-08-06
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Monthly Rental
Lease HKD$100,000
Sponsored by Fusion Bank
Gross Area
1,200 ft²
Unit Price: @83.3
Golden Mansion
Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui
Build year: 59 Year
Floor zone
Ground Floor
Monthly Management Fee
83,83a,85 And 85a Chatham Road South

Property Agency Company

Company Address: Room 2214, 22/f, Miramar Tower, 132-134 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Company License Number: C-058197
Infinite (Commercial) Property


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