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Wong Tai Sin Tsui Chuk Garden [Agency Ads]
The two large bedrooms are fully equipped with home appliances, and you can live in the house

###### Bamboo Garden enjoys a private swimming pool########
##The only real estate agent in Bamboo Garden, with the most disk sources##
There is a circular bus downstairs and a 5-minute direct access to the subway station, private participation Build a HOS, private building with room, private swimming pool, private building Hengshou, 12 minutes walk to Zhuyuan market, there is a car to Lok Fu, Cuizhu shopping mall has restaurants, 7-11, restaurant, fruit block, laundry, Wellcome, etc.

Home Ownership
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14 days ago posted
With Furniture and Electrical Appliance
All Furniture and Electrical Appliance
Created:2022-06-21 | Updated:2022-06-21
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Monthly Rental
Lease HKD$13,300
Rental Price includes
Gov tax, management fee
Gross Area
540 ft²
Unit Price: @24.6
Saleable Area
484 ft²
Unit Price: @27.5
Tsui Chuk Garden
Kowloon Wong Tai Sin
Block and Unit: 8座 高層 K室
Build year: 33 Year
Floor zone
High Floor
Room and Bathroom
2 beds 1 bathrooms
No.8 Chui Chuk Street

Property Agency Company

Company Address: WONG TAI SIN
Company License Number: C-036354


John Chan

Personal License Number: E240662

Tel:  852-62864xxx


Personal License Number: E-282878

Tel:  852-61821xxx

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