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Tuen Mun 99 Commons [Agency Ads]
Modern Workshop in Tuen Mun . 99 common

There are only 7 places: Ground shop-about 2327 feet, only one! 101- about 1825 feet + platform to Beito Road 102- about 1688 feet 103- about 3203 feet available 03-04 total 5900 feet 104- about 2697 feet 105- Approximately 1775 feet + platform to Beito Road 106- about 2142 feet + platform to Beito Road 107- about 1862 feet and another 500 feet to 1320 feet $8800/UP Please make an appointment to visit

Industrial Building
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Mountain view
Garden view
Created:2022-01-18 | Updated:2022-01-18
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Monthly Rental
Lease HKD$16,000
Gross Area
1,000 ft²
Unit Price: @16
not verified
99 Commons
New Territories Tuen Mun
No.99 Pui To Road

Property Agency Company

Company Address: Tsuen Wan / Tuen Mun
Company License Number: C-086633



Personal License Number: E-240062

Tel:  852-24650xxx

Tel:  852-96635xxx

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