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Causeway Bay Introduction

Causeway Bay
【28Hse News】  
Causeway Bay

Sleepless Town Causeway Bay located in north west of the HK Island center. It is a bay town gathering a lot of international famous brand, high-end restaurants and pleasure houses. The Chinese name is also romanized as Tung Lo Wan as in Tung Lo Wan Road. Besides beautiful bay view, Causeway Bay has many famous large shopping malls including large quantities international fashion brands for people from all over the world to choose. The rent in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay is ranked as the second highest in the world after New York's Fifth Avenue, which is only slightly more expensive. And it is near a double of the third place's Tokyo's Ginza. When night coming , Causeway Bay ablaze with lights, lively and busy. Office people, visitors and local persons go and out of a variety of restaurants in the streets, taste the floating fragrance snack, take a look or buy the fashion high-end products. The whole town enjoy the leisurely and luxurious life.


As one of the famous shopping area, Causeway Bay has many shopping malls including Times Square, SOGA, Lee Theatre Plaza, World Trade Center, and Windsor House etc. There are famous brand dress, fashion products, jewelry, furniture electrical appliances and products having everything that one expects to find.

Times Square

The monolithic architecture of Times Square are two buildings in 46 floors and 39 floors. A class office building take more than 1 million sq ft with 4 layers basement of packing place including 700 packing spaces which is the largest packing place in Causeway Bay.
Times Square shopping mall take about 900,000 sq ft. 16 floors of the Times Square are all consumption entertainment facilities and packing place. The entertainment facilities divided into different area including shopping, entertainment, leisure and food making customers feeling convenience in it.

Check Causeway Bay Shops information: http://eng.28hse.com/utf8/searchproperty/T-14/W-/K-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-/

SOGA operate base on the concept of open shopping gallery department store including 13 floors. It is the largest Japanese department store in Hong Kong. The all-inclusive products satisfy every customers' need.


As a busy commercial area, Causeway Bay also provide high-grade fashion houses in complete facilities and perfect service. Many high-quality luxury real estate are popular with the stars and be selected to be their home.

Park Haven located in No.38, Haven St developed by Soundwill Hold.
Park Haven only one blog away from the core area of the Causeway Bay. It face the sea with the hills for a background and near traditional villa area of Tai Hang and the happy valley. The Caroline Hill, The Leighton Hill, Club center, and famous shopping stores are just nearby. It is the backyard garden of the busy town and just like in the Paris champs elysees supplying you leisure and luxury city life experience.

Check Park Haven information:http://www.28hse.com/utf8/developer-105.html

The Warren located in No.9, Warren Street of Tai Hang and it is a boutique luxury project developed by Wing Tai Properties

The Warren located in the most prosperous area and enjoy double wonderful views which are Victoria harbour fireworks seascape and 19 hectares Victoria park view. It is the first hotel type boutique luxury project that combine the design and concept of " Lanson Place" .

More information about The Warren:http://cn.28hse.com/utf8/developer-98.html

More residence information:http://cn.28hse.com/utf8/searchproperty/

Causeway Bay located in 12 school net including many famous primary and secondary schools such as St Joseph's Primary School, Hennessy Road Government Primary School, and St. Paul's Co-educational College etc.

Causeway bay located in export of Hong Kong island central tunnel through by many buses and GMB lines. Plus with metro system, the traffic is very convenient   

To Hung Hom: take 108 Kowloon bus just 15 minutes.
To Lo Wu: take the subway to Tsim Sha Tsui station, turn again by train (KCR EAST RAIL ) to Lo Wu, takes 50 minutes.
To the airport : take the subway to Hong Kong station, then transfer to the airport express line to go to the airport, about 40 minutes.
To Mong Kok: take the MRT takes 14 minutes
To Tsim Sha Tsui: take the subway only use 9 minutes.
To Central: take the subway about 6 minutes
To Wan Chai: take the MRT just 4 minutes

Delicious food can easy be found in busy streets of Causeway Bay. Local Hong Kong Style Cafe, restaurants are full of different types of Chinese and Western food. Besides the famous cantonese cuisine, there are also Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Europe's seafood cuisine which are very common here in Causeway Bay who enjoy the cate heaven's title.

Causeway bay snacks

Local food such as hong kong-style dessert, wonton, cuttlefish ball, Chinese barbecue etc. attract customers from local and visitors of the world.

High-grade exotic foods

There are not only the feature delicacy, but also high-grade exotic foods from the gourmet restaurants in Causeway Bay.

Girls in tang suit on the boat ship the customers through the seafood boat, bar boat and music boat. This is a view of the Typhoon Shelter in Causeway Bay. Visitors taste the seafood and as the same time to view the harbour at night. So it is a good choice to go for a night travel in Typhoon Shelter.
Victoria park in Causeway Bay is people's most favorite rest area. Many people play Tai Chi in Victoria park every morning; There are also grand celebration during the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, Christmas, New Year's eve and other important festivals. The court in the Victoria park also a place to hold many international tennis tournament.

Hong Kong Stadium in Causeway Bay is a famous building with international standard facility and the capacity up to 40,000 people.

Happy valley located between Causeway bay and Wan Chai. September each year to June of next year is the horse racing season. Passengers can also visit the Hong Kong museum of horse racing located in second floor of the Happy stand in Happy valley.